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Maksim Surguy msurguy

Software Engineer @NBCUniversal, creator of Bootsnipp, @CodepadME, Writer of On twitter as @msurguy

NBC News Seattle, WA

Robert C Edwards robertcedwards

Team One Advertising Los Angeles, California

Tevon Strand-Brown tevonsb

I'm a CS student at Stanford interested in iOS development, interactive lighting, machine learning and AI.

San Francisco

Dan Richelson drichelson

LaunchDarkly San Francisco, California

Jonathan Beri beriberikix

I eat APIs for breakfast. They go surprisingly well with milk. Nest/Googler, Roboticist, Gelato Maker, Dog Owner.

@google @openthread @nestlabs SF

Konstantin Gredeskoul kigster

Independent consultant, 3-times CTO of VC funded startups. Scaling ● DevOps ● IoT ● Hardware ● Mentorship ● Ruby & Rails. Wanelo, ModCloth, Blurb, Topica

ReinventONE, Inc. San Francisco, CA

Voravit Euavatanakorn fotopretty

Node Js , Express Js , Angular Js, React Js, React Native Js, Ionic, Android, Ios, Swift , Object C, HTML web application, mobile application bangkok thailand

mehrdad mkeyno

guidance & control

Mike Juarez mjuarez

Autodesk Oakland, CA

Ray RayHAz

GoodClix, Inc. Phoenix, AZ USA

Heph Adams heph

@optimizely San Francisco, Ca

Jason Coon jasoncoon

Software Engineer & Aspiring Electronic Artist

@evilgeniuslabs Kansas City - US