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A fast and customized set of instantly usable Field code samples.
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Craft Cheat Sheet

If you're like me, it's not uncommon to be working on a project and need to reference the documentation for code samples and syntax. Sure, text editors like Sublime Text and the like have the ability to add bundles that can auto-complete and insert code for you; but those often are out of context and you have to change around code before anything is ready and right.

Click the image below to learn more and see it in action.

Watch a video about the Cheat Sheet

Craft Cheat Sheet brings code samples into context to the site you're actually working on. The code you're shown actually uses your custom field names rather than sample field names. Each custom field shows you the type of field and some common code snippets that you can copy and paste for quick use within your templates.

Sample Field with code blocks

When you add a new Field in the Control Panel, the Craft Cheat Sheet is ready to show you the new sample code right away.

You can view a static sample of the Cheat Sheet at the following link:

Visual Overview

Here is a quick breakdown of what you can expect to see in The Craft Field Cheat Sheet.

UI with numeric labels

  1. Element switching
  2. Menu grouped by groups
  3. List just alphabetical
  4. Field search box (for sites with tons of fields)
  5. Official tag docs link
  6. View in CP link

Installing Craft Cheat Sheet

  • Find "Craft Cheat Sheet" in the plugin store from within your site's admin area
  • Click "Install"
  • Visit the plugin settings page if you want to customize the front-end route/url that pulls up the cheatsheet (which defaults to /cheatsheet)
  • Review the Things Worth Knowing section of this readme.
  • Rejoice that installation is simple.

Customizing the code samples

The power of the Cheat Sheet comes in how little setup there is. Craft, by design, allows fields to be used in a number of contexts. You have Entries, Assets, Categories, Users, etc. All of these elements can use the same fields from within Craft. As a result The Craft Field Cheat Sheet allows you to toggle the element name you're using so your sample code is more context-aware. Regardless of the Element you're working with, the code samples will be ready to go.

Additionally, it's common to use Twig's set function to name an element; or use a unique name for an element in a for loop etc. That's why you can add your own Custom Element Names. Selecting your Custom Element name updates your code samples so you literally can copy / paste / and use without needing to change things around.

Creating and using custom element names

Note: We're using your browser's localStorage to save your custom elements on a per-hostname basis so you shouldn't have to re-enter them too often.

Whitespace in code: Spaces or Tabs!??!?!?

Let's face it. We all have preferences around how we indent our code. This was considered while we built out the Craft Cheat Sheet. You can easily customize the whitespace used in your code snippets so that when you paste them into your text editor you don't have to convert tabs to space or vise-versa.

The default setting is to use a single tab for indentation. You can change this by visiting the plugin's settings page.

Non-native Field Types

Does your site use any Field Types that didn't come with the original Craft install? (Or perhaps you've built one yourself.) No problem. These show up in the automated documentation as well. The trick is that we need to be aware of those to include code samples. We'll work diligently to cover our bases on making these code sample available.

If you're a Plugin developer and would like your plugin sample code included, create a pull request to have yours added in. There's a particular format to follow so we'll happily help you along the way. We want Craft Cheat Sheet to be as inclusive as possible across the community.

Things Worth Knowing

  • Craft Cheat Sheet only runs when Craft is in dev mode. This is an effort to protect any potential exposure of your data structure. (This is, after all, a tool for development.)
  • We considered making the plugin only render if the user was logged into the Control Panel but ultimately decided against that due to potential session timeouts during template work.
  • This hasn't been extensively tested with sites containing 100+ fields. Feedback in these environments is very, very welcomed.
  • We've got a number of additional feature ideas that bring similarly helpful tools into the Control Panel. Feel free to submit any thoughts or ideas about that. Speaking of which...

General Feedback

We love feedback! If you use this please let us know what you think, how it helps, and any ideas you may have. If you find a bug, have a question, or just need some help please submit it as a GitHub issue. Also feel free to hit us up on Twitter at @FocusLabLLC.

Credits & Thanks

We originally created this as a self-serving tool while working on our own Craft builds. It seemed like something the community may benefit from though, so we opted to pretty it up and release it for free. After that decision we had suggestions, feedback, and help from a few key people.

  • Core contributors @ Focus Lab:
  • Community credits
    • Brandon Kelly who helped us wrap our heads around some of the data structure. Particularly Matrix. Brandon also helped the community out with the initial Craft 3 port.
    • Ben Parizek who originally inspired the "Cheat Sheet" idea through his awesome resources on Straight up Craft.
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