Scrape torrent sites, ftp and directories for downloadable (media) content and download stuff that matches what you want.
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== Basic setup

Before we get started: to use BagelBox you need to install the 'wget' utility. It comes pre-installed on most linux distro's but it's not on osx by default. For osx download wget here:

Make sure you have sqlite installed. OSX comes pre-installed, on ubuntu 9.04:
'sudo apt-get install sqlite3'
'sudo apt-get install libsqlite3-ruby'
'sudo gem install sqlite3-ruby'

Now we migrate the database: 'rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=production'
Now start the BagelBox server using: 'script/server -e production'

== Welcome to BagelBox

I've tried to make scraping as easy as possible but there is still some stuff I need to explain.
The goal of this application is to help you get the content you want without actually manually
downloading it.

You can set up several sources of content. A content source provides us with stuff to download.
Examples could be Pirate Bay, Demonoid or someone's ftp site.

Content can be 'scraped' (gathered) from different
kinds of sources. At the moment RSS, FTP and Directory sources are supported.
I took the liberty to set up some default sources for you to get started.

== Filtering content

You probably don't want to download everything from every source so we'll have to filter what you want and
what you don't want. We are going to set up filters for this purpose.

A filter looks at the offered content and determines if you might want it or not. I added a default filter for
you that states you do *not* want TS or CAM files. Who watches those anyway?

You can add very specific filters that say you want 'episode 1 of season 1 of the X-Files' or very
generic filters like 'Every episode of desperate housewives'.

In the latter case you might not want the episodes you already have, so you can add negative filters too.
These filters are exactly the same except when they match the content is rejected.

== Building filters automatically

We both know you are lazy and don't want to set these filters up manually. Who can blame you!
Besides content sources we also have filter sources. These sources generate filters.

You can have positive filter sources like the RSS stream from or negative sources like
your local movies directory (You don't want to download those again!).

== Setting up timed scraping

Go to the settings page and press the install button to enable timed scraping.

== Advanced customization

Most of the setup can be customized. Check out file types to see how you can add more stuff to scrape!