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Förstner Lab

Research Lab of Prof. Konrad Förstner at ZB MED - Information Center for Life Sciences

Popular repositories

  1. A pipeline for the computational evaluation of RNA-Seq data

    Python 29 19

  2. Parse GFF3 into Pandas dataframes

    Python 21 9

  3. A small collection of useful tutorials and links

    Jupyter Notebook 13 9

  4. Bits and pieces for the carpentries workshops

    Jupyter Notebook 13 24

  5. TIPlib Public

    TAKE IT PERSONALLY (TIP) - A Python library for data enrichment for infometrical applications

    Python 3 1

  6. Session "Supervised Machine Learning" as part of the EBI cours "Systems Biology - From large data sets to biological insight" 2021

    Jupyter Notebook 2 2



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