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A collection of compute resources for people doing research related to COVID virus curated by a small consortia of computing centers wishing to support efforts to combat COVID. It is intended to connect people to available resources.

We'll be editing this page with links to compute resources being made available for COVID related research and other efforts. Please know that these resources are limited but every little bit counts. If you have a resource, even if it's reserved to a geographic location or a particular topic, please let me know so we can add it here. Respond to the ticket with Name of the resource, link to how to apply for access, and limitations if any.

Efforts can include bioinformatics, medical imaging research, NLP, drug discovery.



  • Globus - Effective immediately we are offering access to all Globus features at no cost to any institution engaged in COVID-19 research.

People Expertise

  • BioTeam - Any researchers struggling with issues related to strategic solutions development, high-speed data movement, HPC, data optimization, cloud computing, optimizing workflows and pipelines, data visualization, or complex data management with respect to COVID-19 research, please contact BioTeam for more information at

Compute Resources


  • ReScale, Google, Azure"Those working on coronavirus vaccines and testing who would benefit from HPC in the cloud at no cost should contact"
  • TGen
  • Oracle Cloud
  • Core Scientific
  • Terra " Terra team and our scientific collaborators are working quickly to make data and tools for COVID-19 analysis available in Terra as quickly as possible. We will maintain this article in the support center as a landing page for COVID-19-related public workspaces as well as the educational materials to help you learn how to use them"

HPC Centers

  • EPCCed
  • Pawsey - Australian efforts focus
  • LNCC - Latin American efforts focus
  • HLRS "Effective immediately, scientists working on COVID-19 research are eligible for expedited access to computing resources at the High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS). HLRS encourages scientists in need of high-performance computing resources to contact us."

Academic Services


CyVerse provides cyberinfrastructure tools and services for free to researchers in the USA, there are some limitations on international users. Our extensible data science workbenches and data store can integrate and run your bioinformatics tools, image analyses, cloud services, APIs, and more. Resources are managed at University of Arizona and the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC), and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Infrastructures are linked to the NSF XSEDE framework, as well as the OpenScienceGrid over Internet2.

Jetstream Cloud


A collection of compute resources for people doing research related to COVID virus






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