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Supported OpenStack Projects


Project Fog Type API Version(s) Compliance Notes
Ceilometer Metering v2 TBD
Cinder Volume v1, v2 TBD
Glance Image v1, v2 TBD
Heat Orchestration v1 TBD
Keystone Identity v2, v3 TBD
Neutron Network v2 TBD
Nova Compute v2.0 TBD
Ironic Bare Metal v1 TBD
Ironic Inspector Introspection v1 TBD
Swift Storage v2 TBD
Tacker NFV v1 TBD

Wish List

Feel free to submit pull requests to add support for these.


  • aodh (Telemetry Alarms)
  • astara (Network)
  • cloudkitty (Telemetry)
  • cue (Messaging)
  • dragonflow (Network)
  • ec2-api (Compatibility Layer)
  • freezer (Disaster Recovery)
  • fuel (Orchestration)
  • gnocchi (TSDB)
  • horizon (Web Frontend)
  • kolla (Containers)
  • kuryr (Containers)
  • mistral (Workflow)
  • murano (Catalog Service)
  • rally (Benchmarking)
  • sahara (Map-Reduce)
  • searchlight (Searching)
  • senlin (Clustering)
  • solum (Lifecycle)
  • tripleo (Orchestration)
  • zaqar (Messaging)