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+1.6.0 09/15/2012 4bd909557fd595a656ebd86a3d7c5849bd923fe1
+Stats! { 'collaborators' => 40, 'downloads' => 1015900, 'forks' => 539, 'open_issues' => 55, 'watchers' => 2119 }
+ Implement signature v4. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ Create the time directly in tests, avoids using a method not present in 1.8.7. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ avoid spurious test failure when tag test returns before images test. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ Adding missing :glacier case for AWS.collections. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ Typo in delete_autoscaling_group mock: Autoscaling->AutoScaling. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ fix group#instances. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ Fix describe_auto_scaling_groups parser added spurious nil groups. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ Fix delete_auto_scaling_group.rb mock not raising the same error as real code. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ Add the ablity to pass :version and use newer AWS API. thanks Zuhaib M Siddique
+ Bare glacier service. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ single part uploads. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ multipart uploads. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ Jobs requests. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ vaults model. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ Use bytesize rather than length. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ models for archives. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ jobs model. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ Add notification configuration to model. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ mark tests as pending. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ byteslice is only available in 1.9.3 - add fallback for 1.9.2. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ fix 1.9.2 fallback. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ make 1.8.7 friendly. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ Fix job type constant. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ fix setting description on multipart upload. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ fix name of header used for description. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ Allow filtering of jobs collection. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ Don't try to deserialize json when body is empty. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ expose the SnapshotType attribute & allow filtering by it. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ allow symbols to be used as header/query keys. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ mark upload_part as idempotent so it will be retried automatically. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ Fix output format for brightbox cloud ip. thanks Hemant Kumar
+ Remove duplicate constant definition for port translators. thanks Hemant Kumar
+ 1.8.7 compat: on 1.8.7 '123'[0] returns the byte value of '0' and not '1'. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ fix format_helper assuming p returns nil. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ delete_if returns the array, not what was deleted. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ fixes wrong method name. thanks Ohad Levy
+ Fix mock returning a hash instead of an array. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ Security Groups are not assigned correctly to servers. thanks Ohad Levy
+ Add instrumentation support. thanks Michael Hale
+ fix typo in deprecation warning. thanks Aaron Suggs
+ Nicer interface for security group authorizations. thanks Aaron Suggs
+ Add instrumentation support. thanks Dan Peterson
+ Support creating and describing volumes with provisioned IOPS. thanks Dan Peterson
+ Get instance requests tests working. thanks Dan Peterson
+ Support for EBS-optimized instances. thanks Dan Peterson
+ Pass empty groupIds when mocking. thanks Dan Peterson
+ DescribeInstanceStatus code within eventsSet goes on the item. thanks Dan Peterson
+ fixes for spot request waiting see also #841. thanks geemus
+ remove brittle instance tests which rely on tests running fast p.s. these fail on travis-ci. thanks geemus
+ fix mock filters for internet gateways/subnets/vpcs. thanks geemus
+ Add instrumentation support. thanks Dan Peterson
+ fixes for mock tests. thanks geemus
+ Add instrumentation support. thanks Dan Peterson
+ Correct server#read_replica_identifiers when mocking. thanks Aaron Suggs
+ Mocking better supports reboot state. thanks Aaron Suggs
+ Mocking better supports modifying state. thanks Aaron Suggs
+ Fix server tests. thanks Aaron Suggs
+ Mocking support for read replicas. thanks Aaron Suggs
+ Mock support for setting AZ and MultiAZ. thanks Aaron Suggs
+ Use first available image for server tests. thanks Steve Smith
+ ServerGroups can have a nil name. thanks Steve Smith
+ Merged outstanding work from Brightbox's fork. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
+ Implemented reboot using available API commands. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
+ Updates to Test helper for select image. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
+ Helper to get default image from API. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
+ remove erroneous comma in merge command. thanks geemus
+ Ecloud should not show up as a valid provider when not providing credentials. thanks Eugene Howe
+ Only JSON decode when Content-Type says so. Fixes job handling. thanks Dan Peterson
+ Job polling should use original expected statuses. thanks Dan Peterson
+ Fix docs for new GCS urls. thanks Nat Welch
+ update expected format to remove StorageClass. thanks geemus
+ also update mocks to omit storageclass. thanks geemus
+ Use response_block param, as excon has deprecated implicit blocks. thanks Ferran Rodenas
+ When using mock mode, Range header is now not ignored in get_object(). thanks Ahmed Al Hafoudh
+ Documentation error for delete_object. thanks Alex Tambellini
+ Add barebones configuration for Travis CI. thanks Alexander Wenzowski
+ add Travis CI build status image. thanks Alexander Wenzowski
+ notify #ruby-fog on freenode instead of emailing. thanks Alexander Wenzowski
+ remove repository_url from notification template Interpolation of %{repository_url} is currently broken on Travis CI. thanks Alexander Wenzowski
+ CloudStack: added registerTemplate request. thanks Aliaksei Kliuchnikau
+ CloudStack: listTemplates, registerTemplate requests return hypervisor in the response. thanks Aliaksei Kliuchnikau
+ Enable AWS spot requests in a VPC by specifying subnet_id. thanks Ben Turley
+ Fix for RDS VPC subnet groups. thanks Ben Turley
+ parse ASCII code * in wildcard domain. Fixes #1093. thanks Blake Gentry
+ automatically figure out the elb hosted_zone_id if possible. thanks Blake Gentry
+ Add source for getting instance mac address. thanks Carl Caum
+ Only add VNC password and listen port if present. thanks Carl Caum
+ Revert 530122d. thanks Carl Caum
+ Abillity to List Images and List SSH Keys. thanks Chirag Jog
+ Add support to create, delete internet services. thanks Chirag Jog
+ Accept vCPUS and Memory as parameters while creating servers. thanks Chirag Jog
+ Minor Fixes: Remove unncessary prints. Use override_path instead of replace class variable path. thanks Chirag Jog
+ Fix support to add internet service to the existing Public Ip. thanks Chirag Jog
+ Support to configure vapp and add multiple internet services. thanks Chirag Jog
+ Remove uneccessary puts. thanks Chirag Jog
+ Add support to build/re-build/clobber gem/package/docs. thanks Chirag Jog
+ Fix minor issue. thanks Chirag Jog
+ Re-work based on Geemus's review. Manage InternetService and NodeService as separate entities Reload server status properly. thanks Chirag Jog
+ Revert Rakefile changes. thanks Chirag Jog
+ 1.Ability to fetch/list Orgs, Vdcs, Vapps, Servers. 2.Support to customize CPUs and Password. thanks Chirag Jog
+ Add ability to configure a vApp with an Org-wide network and associated firewall, NAT rules(limited support). thanks Chirag Jog
+ 1.Fix Catalog Listing for vCD 1.5 2.Construct Valid XML to memory configuration 3.Fix Undeploy vCD 1.5. thanks Chirag Jog
+ Added m1.medium instance type for AWS flavors. thanks Curtis Stewart
+ - Updated "@host" variable to "" which is the current host for API calls - Added two calls: add_server_by_configuration.rb and list_configurations.rb -- These calls should be used instead of add_server and list_plans, although we still support them. - General comments were updated. thanks Diego Desani
+ Add gsub to replace URL-encoded characters in the public_url method. thanks Eric Chernuka
+ fix reboot guest in vsphere to reboot rather than shutdown guest. thanks Eric Stonfer
+ added file upload and ip add capabilities. thanks Eugene Howe
+ added error handling for edge cases where there are no networks or ips. thanks Eugene Howe
+ [AWS|Glacier} basic vault operations. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ fix mock not returning the right data. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ set Content-MD5. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ Add fqdn to server attributes. thanks Hemant Kumar
+ Brightbox : Include licence_name in Image. thanks Hemant Kumar
+ Brightbox: Change licence_name type to Fog::Nullable::String. thanks Hemant Kumar
+ Add support for port translators. thanks Hemant Kumar
+ Rackspace Storage: new request, get_object_https_url. thanks James Healy
+ Rackspace Storage: new request, post_set_meta_temp_url_key. thanks James Healy
+ Rackspace Storage: a backslash shouldn't be escaped when signing URLS. thanks James Healy
+ add a basic spec for Rackspace::Storage#get_object_https_url. thanks James Healy
+ add basic spec for Rackspace::Storage##post_set_meta_temp_url_key. thanks James Healy
+ Rackspace Storage: fix expiring URLs that contain a hyphen. thanks James Healy
+ Add Serverlove directory. thanks James Rose
+ Basic Serverlove implementation. thanks James Rose
+ Wrong directory. thanks James Rose
+ Typo. thanks James Rose
+ Proper request arguments. thanks James Rose
+ Typo. thanks James Rose
+ Still wrong. thanks James Rose
+ Works. thanks James Rose
+ We want JSON. thanks James Rose
+ Typo. thanks James Rose
+ add high io flavor to aws flavors. thanks Josh Lane
+ Move Dynect endpoint from api2 to api-v4. thanks Marc Seeger
+ don't let the Paulistas be left out of the party. thanks Martin Englund
+ use 10.04 instead of 12.04. thanks Martin Englund
+ Google changed their URL scheme for Cloud Storage. thanks Nat Welch
+ Also change GCS url in dir and file models. thanks Nat Welch
+ Update lib/fog/hp/models/compute/image.rb. thanks Neill Turner
+ Update lib/fog/hp/models/compute/server.rb. thanks Neill Turner
+ Update lib/fog/aws/requests/compute/describe_instance_status.rb. thanks Oleg
+ Added new Server#fqdn attribute to test helper. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
+ Rewrite tests to use 1.8 compatible Hash syntax. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
+ Add missing providers to the all_providers list for testing. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
+ Use string not symbols for Storage tests to work with Shindo tagging. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
+ Retagged tests with strings to be skipped by Shindo. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
+ Tagged AWS URL test so correctly ignored by Shindo. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
+ Reduce maintenance of tests by using a dynamic list of providers. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
+ add support for multiple regions in Opentack. thanks Pedro Perez
+ Fixed the link to GitHub issues. thanks Postmodern
+ Change iprange --> ec2_secg in Mock. thanks Rob Lockstone
+ Added support for RDS VPC subnet groups. Bumped RDS API version to 2012-01-15. thanks Rusty Geldmacher
+ Added DBSubnetGroupName to test format for RDS instances. thanks Rusty Geldmacher
+ Adding server love disk model. thanks Sean Handley
+ Changed disk model based on responses from real API requests. thanks Sean Handley
+ Set up drive objects (not disks). thanks Sean Handley
+ If you use info, you get all the info. thanks Sean Handley
+ Alias the encryption cipher. thanks Sean Handley
+ Sometimes the response body is empty. thanks Sean Handley
+ Destroying drives is easy. thanks Sean Handley
+ Allowed setting of params as k/v pairs. thanks Sean Handley
+ Added create/update functionality. thanks Sean Handley
+ Made create/save conform to the Fog API. thanks Sean Handley
+ Returning self is totes better than bools. thanks Sean Handley
+ Fog calls drives "images", rename for consistency. thanks Sean Handley
+ Beginnings of shin do request tests. thanks Sean Handley
+ Need these to run the server love tests. thanks Sean Handley
+ Beginnings of tests for image operations. thanks Sean Handley
+ Adding mock for easier testing. thanks Sean Handley
+ Added get_image function. thanks Sean Handley
+ Added meaningful test for updating images. thanks Sean Handley
+ Typo!. thanks Sean Handley
+ Fix conflict. thanks Sean Handley
+ This shouldn't be here. thanks Sean Handley
+ Can't run shindo tests with old references. thanks Sean Handley
+ Added loading of standard image. thanks Sean Handley
+ Shindo tests pass. thanks Sean Handley
+ Test that we can view servers. thanks Sean Handley
+ Whitespace adjustments. thanks Sean Handley
+ CRUDs + tests for servers. thanks Sean Handley
+ Added server power cycle actions + basic tests. thanks Sean Handley
+ Add new request methods to server object. thanks Sean Handley
+ Use get_server, not get_image. thanks Sean Handley
+ Need a mock server id. thanks Sean Handley
+ This was plain wrong - works now!. thanks Sean Handley
+ Don't start servers by default. thanks Sean Handley
+ Contrary to the documentation, this actually returns a 200 status rather than a 204. thanks Sean Handley
+ Allow setting of memory and disk drives. thanks Sean Handley
+ Allow DHCP assignment by default. thanks Sean Handley
+ Key 'vnc:ip' was invalid. thanks Sean Handley
+ Update allowed attributes and defaults. thanks Sean Handley
+ Increase test drive size to accommodate a real image. thanks Sean Handley
+ Without setting SMP the web UI won't load :-/. thanks Sean Handley
+ Reduce from 80GB to 20GB - big enough, save space. thanks Sean Handley
+ Standard images need to be unzipped. thanks Sean Handley
+ Need to wait for imaging to complete. thanks Sean Handley
+ Add a pseudorandom password generator for VNC. thanks Sean Handley
+ Auto generate VNC password randomly. thanks Sean Handley
+ Used the amazon published endpoints for sqs as defined at thanks Stuart Eccles
+ Better mocks for invalid Provisioned IOPS values. thanks Thom Mahoney
+ Add generic support for EMC Atmos. thanks Timur Alperovich
+ Submit password/ssh_key/username through POST body. thanks Trevor Bramble
+ Update public_url to handle new header casings from Rackspace. thanks Zachary Danger Campbell
+ CloudStack: images.get always returns nil - fixed. thanks alex
+ add changelog for 1.5.0. thanks geemus
+ fixes for cloudstack mock tests see #1090. thanks geemus
+ fix mocked elb tests by including InstanceProtocol closes #1090. thanks geemus
+ expand travis config, build more rubies, use non-threaded runner. thanks geemus
+ just run mri for now on travis. thanks geemus
+ remove empty failure block from model_helper. thanks geemus
+ allow 1.8.7 to fail and not report for now (until I can work out why it fails when 1.9.x works. thanks geemus
+ return to expecting 1.8.7 to pass. thanks geemus
+ fix deprecated requires in Rakefile. thanks geemus
+ Made steps to get update/create working. Work in progress. thanks seanhandley
+ Update lib/fog/aws/models/compute/security_group.rb. thanks vkhatri
+ Add volume tests. thanks Brad Gignac
+ Add volume type tests. thanks Brad Gignac
+ Add snapshot tests. thanks Brad Gignac
+ Add relationship between volumes and snapshots. thanks Brad Gignac
+ Add block storage provider. thanks Julio Feijo
+ Add volume types to block storage. thanks Julio Feijo
+ Add snapshots to block storage. thanks Julio Feijo
+ Add service for Cloud Servers v2.0. thanks Brad Gignac
+ Add flavors and images. thanks Brad Gignac
+ Add servers model and collection. thanks Brad Gignac
+ Set password attribute on V2 servers. thanks Brad Gignac
+ Don't intern nil strings. thanks Brad Gignac
+ Add method for listing attachments. thanks Brad Gignac
+ Add tests for volume attachments. thanks Brad Gignac
+ Improve attachment test reliability. thanks Brad Gignac
+ Add attachments model and collection. thanks Julio Feijo
+ Override path when generating sha1 to make tests past. thanks Brian Hartsock
+ fix serverlove tests for 1.8.7 compatibility. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ fix serverlove tests for 1.8.7 compatibility. thanks geemus
1.5.0 07/28/2012 2e57e2029abbb618411c20f8974e64d8d3fd31fe
@@ -6,8 +6,8 @@ do |s|
## If your rubyforge_project name is different, then edit it and comment out
## the sub! line in the Rakefile = 'fog'
- s.version = '1.5.0'
- = '2012-07-28'
+ s.version = '1.6.0'
+ = '2012-09-15'
s.rubyforge_project = 'fog'
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
module Fog
unless const_defined?(:VERSION)
- VERSION = '1.5.0'
+ VERSION = '1.6.0'

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