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+0.10.0 07/25/2011 9ca8cffc000c417a792235438c12855a277fe1ce
+MVPs! Christopher Oliver, Dylan Egan and Henry Addison
+[AWS Autoscaling]
+ Fixed typo in put scaling policy request. thanks Christopher Oliver
+ Fixed error in describe policies parser. thanks Christopher Oliver
+ Got describe policies returning correctly. thanks Christopher Oliver
+ Removed unnecessary options merge in Delete Policy request. thanks Christopher Oliver
+ Added Alias related functionality to IAM. Also added get_group_policy. thanks Christopher Oliver
+ Added missing request file for list account aliases. thanks Christopher Oliver
+ Added describe db engine versions and describe db reserved instances. Changed the signed params version to 2011-04-01 from 2010-07-28. thanks Christopher Oliver
+ Added LicenseModel to the db_parser. thanks Christopher Oliver
+ fix bug that was causing availability zones to not parse properly on get/reload. thanks Blake Gentry
+ default values for Listeners. thanks Blake Gentry
+ offload Listener defaults to the Listener model. thanks Blake Gentry
+ flesh out basics. thanks geemus
+ flesh out basics. thanks geemus
+ implement 2010-08-01 API. thanks Nick Osborn
+ metrics#get should return nil when not found. thanks geemus
+ mark unimplemented/unsupported tests as pending. thanks geemus
+ mark overly specific test as pending. thanks geemus
+ improve model and tests. thanks Nick Osborn
+ add test to verify that ListenerDescriptions work when creating an ELB. thanks Blake Gentry
+ make describe_load_balancers parse SSLCertificateId. Verify with test. thanks Blake Gentry
+ Raise proper IAM error for CertificateNotFound when creating an ELB or creating Listeners. thanks Blake Gentry
+ move ELB error handling related to certs to the ELB service instead of duplicating at the request level. thanks Blake Gentry
+ use slurp when raising errors to properly capture exception details. thanks Blake Gentry
+ Add set_load_balancer_listener_ssl_certificate. thanks James Miller
+ fix listener defaults to use merge_attributes and therefore aliases. thanks geemus
+ add error handling for common failures resulting from upload_server_certificate. thanks Blake Gentry
+ fix superclass mismatch. thanks Blake Gentry
+ add get_server_certificate request. thanks Blake Gentry
+ raise correct ValidationError when an empty cert or key is used. thanks Blake Gentry
+ Simplify error handling code for errors with custom classes. thanks Blake Gentry
+ raise EntityAlreadyExists when creating a duplicate cert name. thanks Blake Gentry
+ tests and mocks to support many types of key/cert issues. thanks Blake Gentry
+ add proper error messages. thanks Blake Gentry
+ fix expected error result from login_profile_tests. thanks geemus
+ add LicenseModel to format. thanks geemus
+ provide for using ConsistentRead on get_attributes and select. thanks geemus
+ fix get_attributes mock deprecation. thanks geemus
+ fix stormondemand namespace mismatch. thanks geemus
+ cluster compute placement group implementation. thanks geemus
+ add request level support for spot instances. thanks geemus
+ fix describe_instances parser to get group ids correctly. thanks geemus
+ fix compute accessor in tests. thanks geemus
+ fixes for ip accessor usage. thanks geemus
+ Fixed typo in deprecation warning. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
+ Fixed deprecated use of Brightbox[:compute] to new Compute[:brightbox]. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
+ New preference exposed in API added to format test. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
+ add default serviceofferingid (flavor). thanks geemus
+ fix zone format. thanks geemus
+ small consistency fixes for server. thanks geemus
+ fix for token expiry/reauth. thanks geemus
+ backwards compatibility for gem availability check. thanks geemus
+ fix server format. thanks geemus
+ avoid ArgumentError with Ruby 1.8.5 on CentOS. thanks Nick Osborn
+ fix to_date_header to use self.utc instead of thanks geemus
+ avoid ||= in timeout lookup. thanks geemus
+ update index to use non-deprecated service accessor. thanks geemus
+ Fix ::AWS[] syntax that's only valid in Fog tests when bin/aws.rb is loaded. thanks Blake Gentry
+ Typos. thanks Blake Gentry
+ Require json needed for both Real and Mock implementation of Rackspace; SSH commands in Mock just print to command line. thanks Brian Hartsock
+ Revert "Require json needed for both Real and Mock implementation of Rackspace; SSH commands in Mock just print to command line". thanks Brian Hartsock
+ require json for rackspace compute mock. thanks Brian Hartsock
+ Fixed #444 - Unable to squash kvp with false values. thanks Brian Hartsock
+ Fix make OpenStack swift working properly. thanks Chmouel Boudjnah
+ Move the timeout to Mock and stop hardcoding. thanks Christopher Meiklejohn
+ Fix failures in the simpledb testing due to attribute array option deprecation. thanks Christopher Meiklejohn
+ Guard against item_name not being a valid key. thanks Christopher Meiklejohn
+ Switch to the has_key? syntax for cleanliness. thanks Christopher Meiklejohn
+ Move timeout up to Fog from Fog::Mock. thanks Christopher Meiklejohn
+ Fix deprecation messages. thanks Claudio Poli
+ Make Rails' respond_with play nice with to_json. thanks Claudio Poli
+ Use multi_json gem. thanks Claudio Poli
+ Public API for force_detach on Fog::Compute::AWS::Volume. thanks Dylan Egan
+ Should actually use the attachment_aliases hash. thanks Dylan Egan
+ server method for Fog::Compute::AWS::Volume to easily get the server instance. thanks Dylan Egan
+ requires_one, allows you to require at least one of the specified attributes. thanks Dylan Egan
+ Remove pending on iam/server_certificate_tests. Start the mocking. thanks Dylan Egan
+ list_server_certificates and delete_server_certificates. thanks Dylan Egan
+ Yes, yes it is better. thanks Dylan Egan
+ Start ELB mocks. Support create_load_balancer and describe_load_balancers. thanks Dylan Egan
+ configure_health_check and create_app_cookie_stickiness_policy. thanks Dylan Egan
+ create_lb_cookie_stickiness_policy and delete_load_balancer_policy. thanks Dylan Egan
+ create_load_balancer_listeneners and set_load_balancer_policies_of_listener. thanks Dylan Egan
+ delete_load_balancer_listeners and delete_load_balancer (with two more tests). thanks Dylan Egan
+ deregister_instances_from_load_balancer, describe_instance_health, disable_availability_for_load_balancer, enable_availability_zones_for_load_balancer, register_instances_with_load_balancer and updates to others to get ELB model_tests working. thanks Dylan Egan
+ Remove requirement of basic parsers. thanks Dylan Egan
+ Move things around a bit. Separate ELB test file per concerns. thanks Dylan Egan
+ SSL for ELB mocking. thanks Dylan Egan
+ Tested against AWS. Needed this. Apparently SSLCertificateId == Arn. thanks Dylan Egan
+ Use available availability_zones. thanks Dylan Egan
+ Wait for volume to be ready again. thanks Dylan Egan
+ AWS instance tests 100% against real. thanks Dylan Egan
+ Make stuff pending if you're mocking. Need to fix spot_price_history_tests, see comment. thanks Dylan Egan
+ Let's just sleep forever. thanks Dylan Egan
+ Reinstate ipAddress and privateIpAddress as they're provided for non-terminated instances. thanks Dylan Egan
+ Reinstate ramdiskId. thanks Dylan Egan
+ Revert "Reinstate ramdiskId." - fuckit! Seems like AWS doesn't return ramdiskId for. thanks Dylan Egan
+ Clean up timeout and add tests. thanks Dylan Egan
+ Quick fix, ith != i. thanks Dylan Egan
+ Begin work on mocking reserved instances. Provide describe_reserved_instances_offerings for mocking and real. REAL TALK. thanks Dylan Egan
+ reserved_instances mocking. I think, it's hard to test against a real AWS account since it costs money. thanks Dylan Egan
+ Default to 1. thanks Dylan Egan
+ add spot instance request models. thanks Edward Middleton
+ fixed spot_requests. thanks Edward Middleton
+ spot instance fixes. thanks Edward Middleton
+ cloud_watch toplevel. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ add get/put/list metrics. thanks Frederick Cheung
+ Corrected a couple of syntax errors in the put and get metric cloudwatch requests. thanks Henry Addison
+ Fixed the parser for list metrics cloudwatch request. thanks Henry Addison
+ Added first test of successful list metrics. thanks Henry Addison
+ simplified a bit the long case statement in end element in list_metrics parser. thanks Henry Addison
+ added a few more cloudwatch request metric tests. thanks Henry Addison
+ added metrics collection and model for cloudwatch with all and get methods. thanks Henry Addison
+ split out and got passing get metric statistics request tests. thanks Henry Addison
+ Added metric statistics model and collection. thanks Henry Addison
+ removed old test file. thanks Henry Addison
+ removed empty test for for metric model (nothing to test at the moment). thanks Henry Addison
+ removed unnecessary attributes from metrics collection (naughty copy and pasting). thanks Henry Addison
+ got put_metric_data request working and tested. thanks Henry Addison
+ added model and collection methods and tests to allow putting of metric data. thanks Henry Addison
+ renamed argument for all method in cloud watch metric_statistics from filters to conditions as filters has a meaning in fog. thanks Henry Addison
+ added a conditions method to all metrics method to help filter all metrics. thanks Henry Addison
+ Added some defaults for StartTime, EndTime and Period to model for MetricStatistics. thanks Henry Addison
+ Begin SQS support. thanks Jon Crosby
+ Continued SQS support. thanks Jon Crosby
+ Add SQS get_queue_attributes. thanks Jon Crosby
+ Fix rubygems warning. thanks Jonas Pfenniger
+ Patch for AWS S3 Metadata problem. thanks Kenji Kabashima
+ Changed number of cores reported for rackspace flavors in order to match current rackspace documentation. thanks Steven Danna
+ Checking path for nil. thanks Timothy Klim
+ Fixed escaping in Fog::AWS.escape. thanks croaker
+ Changed the encoding of the space character. thanks croaker
+ rebuild gemfile during release to include updated changelog. thanks geemus
+ bump excon dep. thanks geemus
+ loosen dependencies to avoid conflicts. thanks geemus
+ bump formatador dep. thanks geemus
+ to_json calls to use MultiJson. thanks geemus
+ make collection class_eval more consistent. thanks geemus
+ update gem deps to latest/greatest. thanks geemus
+ Return nil if HOME is non-absolute. Fixes #397. thanks jc00ke
+ Fix a bunch of paths. thanks phiggins
+ Start of SNS. thanks phiggins
+ Working ListUsers for SNS. thanks phiggins
+ Remove copied-and-pasted documentation. thanks phiggins
+ Add SNS's get_topic_attributes command. thanks phiggins
+ SNS ListSubscriptions. thanks phiggins
+ SNS ListSubscriptionsByTopic. thanks phiggins
+ SNS CreateTopic and DeleteTopic. thanks phiggins
+ SNS Publish. thanks phiggins
+ SNS AddPermission. thanks phiggins
+ SNS RemovePermission. thanks phiggins
+ SNS SetTopicAttributes. thanks phiggins
+ SNS Subscribe. thanks phiggins
+ SNS ConfirmSubscription and Unsubscribe. thanks phiggins
+ Add sns to fog bin. thanks phiggins
+ Start SNS tests. thanks phiggins
+ Framework + request method for Ninefold storage. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ Directories Functionality. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ Nested directories. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ File operations. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ Update an existing file. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ set content type correctly. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ add mvps and fix uploader. thanks geemus
+ remove problematic pbcopy from changelog rake task. thanks geemus
+ make changelog build separate from release. thanks geemus
+ provide http/https options for signed urls. thanks geemus
+ properly format modified headers in get_object. thanks geemus
+ fix escaping for file#public_url. thanks geemus
+ fix get_object_https_url namespace copy/paste error. thanks geemus
+ fix file#destroy and test cleanup. thanks geemus
+ add large object support via put_object_manifest. thanks geemus
+ cleanup formatting/style. thanks geemus
+ make unimplemented mock tests pending. thanks geemus
+ fix collection helper to play nice with numeric ids. thanks geemus
+ replace letters with letters and numbers with numbers in collection#get failure test. thanks geemus
+ create server now takes :catalog_items_uri as an option. thanks Kunal Parikh
+ now referencing catalog_item_uri from options. thanks Kunal Parikh
+ saving server attributes (uncommented code). thanks Kunal Parikh
+ Revert "saving server attributes (uncommented code)". thanks Kunal Parikh
+ duplicate ecloud code for vcloud, remove obvious terremark specific code. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ update catalog models for 1.0. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ make auth work. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ filter non-server items from server list. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ update for 1.0 functionality, server operations working. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ use correct power status ID for 'off'. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ allow specifying a default VDC uri as 'vcloud_default_vdc'. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ Add description field to server model. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ Correct friendly status power off check. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ correct hardware attribute reading. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ no longer possible to specify memory & cpu on vapp creation. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ remove outdated/invalid mocking & specs. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ fix deleting servers. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ server creation outside of VDC. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ undeploy request. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ memory reconfiguration. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ make status/ready handling more reliable. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ server tests. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ only require template name for tests. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ add and remove disks. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ ruby 1.8 compatibility. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ fix error messages in test helper. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ Fix setting of description. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ method to find catalog item by name across all catalogs. thanks Lincoln Stoll
+ correct provider lookup. thanks Lincoln Stoll
0.9.0 06/24/2011 32960d165a65f12d41785f924e6b6b6d8442516a
@@ -6,8 +6,8 @@ do |s|
## If your rubyforge_project name is different, then edit it and comment out
## the sub! line in the Rakefile = 'fog'
- s.version = '0.9.0'
- = '2011-06-24'
+ s.version = '0.10.0'
+ = '2011-07-25'
s.rubyforge_project = 'fog'
## Make sure your summary is short. The description may be as long
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
module Fog
unless const_defined?(:VERSION)
- VERSION = '0.9.0'
+ VERSION = '0.10.0'

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