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just refer to contrib/license in readme to DRY

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* Ask specific questions on [Stack Overflow](
* Report bugs and discuss potential features in [Github issues](
-## Getting Involved
+## Contributing
-New contributors are always welcome, when it doubt please ask questions. We strive to be an open and welcoming community. Please be nice to one another.
+Please refer to [](
-### Coding
+## License
-* Pick a task:
- * Offer feedback on open [pull requests](
- * Review open [issues]( for things to help on.
- * [Create an issue]( to start a discussion on additions or features.
-* Fork the project, add your changes and tests to cover them in a topic branch.
-* Commit your changes and rebase against `fog/fog` to ensure everything is up to date.
-* [Submit a pull request](
-### Non-Coding
-* Offer feedback on open [issues](
-* Write and help edit [documentation](
-* Translate [documentation]( in to other languages.
-* Organize or volunteer at events.
-* [Donate](
-* Discuss other ideas for contribution with [geemus](
+Please refer to [](

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