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add ecloud to providers list for tests

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1 parent d7f2147 commit f60ad1cc5f6615d28fc6177aaea5feef5b729677 @geemus geemus committed Feb 25, 2011
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@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ def lorem_file
# check to see which credentials are available and add others to the skipped tags list
-all_providers = ['aws', 'bluebox', 'brightbox', 'gogrid', 'google', 'linode', 'local', 'newservers', 'rackspace', 'slicehost', 'terremarkecloud', 'zerigo', 'dnsimple']
+all_providers = ['aws', 'bluebox', 'brightbox', 'dnsimple', 'ecloud', 'gogrid', 'google', 'linode', 'local', 'newservers', 'rackspace', 'slicehost', 'zerigo']
available_providers = {|provider| provider.downcase}
for provider in (all_providers - available_providers)
Formatador.display_line("[yellow]Skipping tests for [bold]#{provider}[/] [yellow]due to lacking credentials (add some to '~/.fog' to run them)[/]")

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