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Commits on Dec 1, 2012
  1. @geemus

    Release 1.8.0

    geemus authored
  2. @geemus

    Merge pull request #1117 from timuralp/multidelete

    geemus authored
Commits on Nov 30, 2012
  1. @geemus
  2. @dprince

    Merge pull request #1327 from dprince/openstack_security_group_test_f…

    dprince authored
    OpenStack: security group test fixes.
  3. @dprince

    OpenStack: security group test fixes.

    dprince authored
    Update the OpenStack security group test to support the correct
    format for create_security_group responses. This patch
    removes the extra [] wrapping the response and makes it so the
    real tests run once again.
    Also updates the existing Mock for create_security_response so
    it handles it properly as well.
  4. @dprince

    Merge pull request #1325 from dprince/openstack_quota_test_fixes

    dprince authored
    OpenStack: updates to quota tests.
Commits on Nov 29, 2012
  1. @geemus
  2. @dprince

    OpenStack: updates to quota tests.

    dprince authored
    Updates to the OpenStack quota tests to support the latest
    changes in Folsom/Grizzly. With these changes I am able to run
    the *real* tests again with the latest upstream OpenStack builds.
    This change has no functional effect on Fog users for previous
    releases of OpenStack (Folsom, etc,) but should allow us to
    support the latest upstream codebase and run Fog *real* tests again.
  3. @dprince

    Merge pull request #1324 from dprince/openstack_limit_test_fixes

    dprince authored
    OpenStack: Remove volumes from limits tests.
  4. @geemus

    Merge pull request #1316 from virtualstaticvoid/iam_create_user_fix

    geemus authored
    Creating user via `Aws.iam.users` ignores `:path`
  5. @virtualstaticvoid

    revised test order

    virtualstaticvoid authored
  6. @virtualstaticvoid
  7. @dprince

    OpenStack: Remove volumes from limits tests.

    dprince authored
    OpenStack Grizzly no longer supports volumes. This removes
    the volume settings from the OpenStack limits tests and Mock
    This change has will has no effect on users of previous of
    Fog for previous releases (Folsom, etc) but should allow
    us to easily support the latest upstream codebase and run
    Fog *real* tests.
  8. @dprince

    Merge pull request #1315 from dprince/openstack_address_test_fixes

    dprince authored
    OpenStack floating_ip (aka address) test fixes
  9. @virtualstaticvoid
  10. @virtualstaticvoid
  11. @tokengeek

    Merge pull request #1320 from brightbox/refresh_tokens

    tokengeek authored
    [Brightbox] Refresh tokens
  12. @tokengeek

    [Brightbox] Guards unimplemented mock tests

    tokengeek authored
    This guards the newer tests just added that rely on unimplemented mocks
  13. @tokengeek

    [Brightbox] Moves more of public API into Shared

    tokengeek authored
    Moved a lot of helper methods to Shared so that the Mock version of the service
    is not erroring with missing methods even if requests are not implemented.
  14. @tokengeek

    [Brightbox] Adds means to update scoped account

    tokengeek authored
    A Compute instance encapsulates a connection for a client to the
    Brightbox API. Users can have multiple accounts but there was no easy
    way to switch between them when account had to be passed in via the
    Now the scoped account can be set on an existing instance which overrides
    any configured setting but it can be reset if needed.
    The #request method still can accept `account_id` as an option which
    again overrides the previous settings.
    Finally the parameter is now correctly sent as a query string parameter
    not part of the API request JSON.
  15. @tokengeek

    [Brightbox] Adds option to disable token management

    tokengeek authored
    Original request method handles missing tokens and the first
    Unauthorized response by requesting a new access token.
    This magic can be disruptive for clients so can be disabled by passing
    in `:brightbox_token_management => false` to the Compute service.
  16. @tokengeek

    [Brightbox] Adds support for refresh tokens

    tokengeek authored
    Passing in a refresh token to `Compute#new` will allow the token to be
    used to request new access tokens as the original authenticated user so
    the username and password do not have to be stored locally.
  17. @tokengeek

    [Brightbox] Extracts parts of request out of compute

    tokengeek authored
    * Adds simple helper to get token for service
    * Low level request #request_access_token is provided to request
      access tokens
  18. @tokengeek
  19. @tokengeek

    [Brightbox] Refactors how tokens are requested

    tokengeek authored
    Extracting existing strategies out of Compute
  20. @tokengeek

    [Brightbox] Extracts authentication connection

    tokengeek authored
    Moving the URL for the authentication endpoint up to the instance level
    rather than hiding the logic in the method. Eliminate the need for
    options on a private method.
    Also cleaned up references to credentials in same method.
  21. @virtualstaticvoid
  22. @dprince

    OpenStack floating_ip (aka address) test fixes

    dprince authored
    Updates to the OpenStack address tests so that:
     * The tests cleanup after themselves when executed in Real mode.
       Previously running these tests in Real mode would leak servers
       and floating IPs.
     * DRY things up a bit.
     * Make use of the floating IP we create in subsequent tests. Previously
       the last floating IP in the full list was used. This could be
       problematic in some cases.
    Also adds a missing Mock class for the release_address request so
    that FOG_MOCK tests continue to pass.
Commits on Nov 28, 2012
  1. @tokengeek
Commits on Nov 27, 2012
  1. @dprince

    Merge pull request #1312 from dprince/flavor_test_updates

    dprince authored
    Sync with latest OpenStack flavors extensions.
  2. @dprince

    Sync with latest OpenStack flavors extensions.

    dprince authored
    Updates the OpenStack flavors model/request/and tests so
    that they support the latest upstream flavor extensions in
    Nova Folsom.
    Also updated the Fog tests so they pass with both mocks and reals
    (tested against OpenStack deployed on Fedora).
  3. @tokengeek

    Merge pull request #1311 from fog/1310_version_agent_header

    tokengeek authored
    Moves Fog::VERSION to fog/core, Adds User-Agent header
  4. @tokengeek

    [core] Updates Rakefile to use Fog::VERSION

    tokengeek authored
    No longer need to read in `lib/fog` to access the VERSION mostly because
    we are already requiring it anyway in the Rakefile!
    The #version method just repeats Fog::VERSION
    `rake -T` works and changelog generates
  5. @tokengeek

    [core] Adds fog User-Agent header

    tokengeek authored
    As discussed in #1026 this adds a User Agent HTTP header to help identify
    the version of fog is accessing APIs.
    This revised version fixes issue #1310
  6. @tokengeek

    [core] Splits Fog::VERSION into own file

    tokengeek authored
    Now available within "fog/core"
    Just reverted a change where depending on Fog::VERSION for the
    User-Agent made a dependency on requiring "lib/fog" which also requires
    all providers and services.
    That is highly undesirable from a modular perspective!
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