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Issue/1350 add aws page to #1357

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3 participants

weston platter Wesley Beary Paul Thornthwaite
weston platter

This is a first draft at a /storage/aws page.

Feedback is welcome!

Wesley Beary

@westonplatter - looks like a great start. Did you have any particular remaining questions or concerns?

weston platter

@geemus yes, would it make sense to have a javascript-ish dropdown for storage on default layout to show there's more info?

Is there already work on the new github pages site?

Wesley Beary

@westonplatter - yeah, seems like a drop down might be good for that. No work has started on gh pages site yet (that I'm aware of anyway).

Paul Thornthwaite

Was everybody happy with this or were we waiting on the javascript drop down? I suspect that can follow later.

Wesley Beary

@tokengeek - seems good as is I think.

weston platter

@tokengeek cc/ @geemus i'd vote to move JS drop down to later issue .

Paul Thornthwaite tokengeek merged commit 8d4918d into from
weston platter

Not sure why travis ci failed for 1.9.3.

Any ideas?

Wesley Beary

@westonplatter - doesn't appear to have any output, must have just been a non-starter (travis occasionally has flaky vms it seems that do things like this).

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+layout: default
+title: Storage
+## AWS Specific Options
+Here's a couple Fog features specific only to AWS S3.
+**Encryption**. Amazon provides the option to AES256 encrypt files at rest on
+upload by setting the "x-amz-server-side-encryption" HTTP request header to
+AES256. You can short hand set this HTTP header via the ````encryption```` key
+value pair. For example,
+ # encrypt file at rest
+ file = directory.files.create(
+ :key => 'resume.html',
+ :body =>"/path/to/my/resume.html"),
+ :public => true,
+ :encryption => 'AES256'
+ )
2  docs/storage/index.markdown
@@ -125,6 +125,8 @@ Pop that link in an email and you should be ready to cruise job ads and send you
More clouds? How much extra stuff will you have to do for these services!?! Hardly anything needs to change, you just have to pass slightly different credentials in, but I'm getting ahead of myself.
+Check out the Amazon S3 Storage page for further details, <a href="/storage/aws.html">AWS Storage</a>.
## Google Cloud Storage
Sign up <a href="">here</a> and get your credentials <a href="">here</a> under the section "Interoperable Access".
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