[vcloud_director] making xml generators reusable #2540

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pulled out the xml generators from request classes. This would be helpful as virtualHardwareSection is repeated in multiple api requests.


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Coverage increased (+1.36%) when pulling 0bf0c85 on alphagov:recompose_vapp into 490af8e on fog:master.

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@nosborn @restebanez - could you review? Thanks!

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The Travis build had 2 issues - https://travis-ci.org/fog/fog/builds/16477925

One is a digital ocean timeout.

Two is 1.8.7 related errors when bundling. https://travis-ci.org/fog/fog/jobs/16477932#L33

@snehaso would it be possible to test on 1.8.7 or push a small change (say documentation) to trigger another Travis run for the branch? Thanks.

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Thanks for your efforts, but due to inactivity we are closing this issue to clean things up. Please comment if you have questions or concerns. Thanks!

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