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Allow filter options to be passed to Storage::AWS::File#each #2654

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DanKnox commented Feb 7, 2014

This is a very small pull request that allows for specifying the same options you can pass to File#all to File#each as well.

I personally needed it to be able to paginate through more than 1,000 objects on S3 with a prefix option set.

If you think you may be interested in accepting this I can look into adding test coverage for it.


Coverage Status

Coverage remained the same when pulling f42ad9f on DanKnox:allow_options_for_each into 6788c8e on fog:master.

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geemus commented Feb 7, 2014

@DanKnox - yeah, sounds like a good plan. With fleshed out tests I think it would be a great addition. Just let me know if you have questions or anything I can help with. Thanks!

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Thanks for your interest, but due to inactivity we are closing this issue to clean things up. Please comment if you have questions or concerns. Thanks!

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