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Hatteras is a Business Event Subscriptions Engine from Fogbeam Labs. Part of the Fogcutter project, Hatteras provides a bridge between your Enterprises ESB/SOA infrastructure and user-facing applications, by allowing users to define subscriptions to business events they are interested in. Hatteras delivers matching messages to the user application for display, additional processing, or other interaction. Hatteras can also route events to other consumers including Enterprise Social Networks, Semantic Processing Pipelines, Analytics Engines, etc.

Hatteras currently interoperates with Quoddy - the Enterprise Social Network component of Fogcutter - to allow users to have Business Events rendered into their Event Stream alongside Status Updates, Calendar Events, and other ActivityStream items.

Hatteras is written in Java and makes heavy use of Apache Camel for message routing. In it's current form, Hatteras uses XQuery expressions for matching XML messages "off the wire" and includes support for the OAGIS vocabulary. Subsequent work will add support for xCBL and OASIS UBL as well as customer-defined schemas and vocabularies.

Commercial Support

Commercial support is available from Fogbeam Labs.

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