Hatteras Technology Preview Release 1 (TPR1)

@mindcrime mindcrime released this Aug 26, 2013 · 4 commits to master since this release

Hatteras is an Open Source Business Events Subscription Engine, written in Java and making extensive use of Apache Camel, which makes up one component of the Fogcutter Suite. Hatteras works with Quoddy to provide the capability for users to create Subscriptions to Business Events on the organizations ESB infrastructure. Hatteras connects to Quoddy, downloads all defined Subscriptions, and then listens for matching messages. Messages which match a Subscription are persisted to an XML database and Hatteras then sends a notification to Quoddy which creates a Subscription Item record which can be rendered in the user's stream. Quoddy and Hatteras thereby provide seamless access to important business events, alongside other import pieces of content the user has selected.

Future versions will focus on better administrative tools, and more hooks to provide interoperability in your unique environment. Over time, Quoddy, Hatteras and other Fogcutter products will add a powerful Event Stream Processing / Complex Event Processing capability to correlate events and provide deep analysis for powerful business insights. Over time, we will surface the capability to provide correlation between Events, People, and Content (Documents) and will offer the ability to quickly navigate in any direction, between the nodes in a graph of related entities which have causal, topical, or temporal relationships with each other.


  • Download the attached source bundle or hatteras.zip binary distribution. Build from source by running the command:

ant clean init compile package

in the source directory.

  • OR, extract the downloaded hatteras.zip into a convenient directory
  • download the attached existdb.zip
  • download the attached messaging_server.zip file
  • extract existdb.zip into a convenient directory
  • extract the messaging_server.zip into a convenient directory
  • launch existdb by running the startup.sh / startup.bat command from the bin directory
  • launch the messaging server by running the run.sh / run.bat command from the bin directory
  • launch hatteras by running

java -jar hatteras.jar

from the directory where you extracted Hatteras