Proximal Operator Graph Solver
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Proximal Graph Solver (POGS) is a solver for convex optimization problems in graph form using Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers (ADMM).

  • The page contains Documentation.
  • We recently posted a paper online, with details about the implementation, as well as many numerical examples.

A graph form problem can be expressed as

minimize        f(y) + g(x)
subject to      y = Ax

where f and g are convex and can take on the values R \cup {∞}. The solver requires that the proximal operators of f and g are known and that f and g are separable, meaning that they can be written as

f(y) = sum_{i=1}^m f_i(y_i)
g(x) = sum_{i=1}^n g_i(x_i)

The following functions are currently supported

Supported Equations

where I(.) is the indicator function, taking on the value 0 if the condition is satisfied and infinity otherwise. More functions can be added by modifying the proximal operator header file: <pogs>/src/include/prox_lib.h.

Languages / Frameworks

Three different implementations of the solver are either planned or already supported:

  1. C++/BLAS/OpenMP: A CPU version can be found in the file <pogs>/src/cpu/. POGS must be linked to a BLAS library (such as the Apple Accelerate Framework or ATLAS).
  2. C++/cuBLAS/CUDA: A GPU version is located in the file <pogs>/src/gpu/. To use the GPU version, the CUDA SDK must be installed, and the computer must have a CUDA-capable GPU.
  3. MATLAB: A MATLAB implementation along with examples can be found in the <pogs>/matlab directory. The code is heavily documented and primarily intended for pedagogical purposes.

Problem Classes

Among others, the solver can be used for the following classes of (linearly constrained) problems

  • Lasso, Ridge Regression, Logistic Regression, Huber Fitting and Elastic Net Regulariation,
  • Total Variation Denoising, Optimal Control,
  • Linear Programs and Quadratic Programs.


  1. Parameter Selection and Pre-Conditioning for a Graph Form Solver -- C. Fougner and S. Boyd
  2. Block Splitting for Distributed Optimization -- N. Parikh and S. Boyd
  3. Distributed Optimization and Statistical Learning via the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers -- S. Boyd, N. Parikh, E. Chu, B. Peleato, and J. Eckstein
  4. Proximal Algorithms -- N. Parikh and S. Boyd


POGS is licensed with BSD-3.


Chris Fougner, with input from Stephen Boyd. The basic algorithm is from "Block Splitting for Distributed Optimization -- N. Parikh and S. Boyd".