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Builds out resources needed for AWS CodeBuild with a pull request builder
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Serverless CI/CD

Check, Build and Carry your software to cloud without thinking about servers.

This will build out all the resources needed to use AWS codebuild and integrate with a github to make a pull request builder.

When a commit is pushed to github. Github sends a webhook which then invokes the Lambda. The lambda will update github via the status api and set the status to pending. The last step of codebuild will invoke the lambda again to report the build result.

Key features

The project implements lightweight CI/CD pipelines using AWS CodeBuild. These pipelines are integrated with public/private repositories on GitHub. Pipelines specifications are co-allocated with code and kept in the same repository as code, using build specification. Therefore, it always produces repeatable builds.

This solution is optimal if your team uses forking workflow to manage software repositories. However, you can still use and configure if your teams uses other workflows.

  • check validity of every commit associated with pull request, the pipeline is suitable for testing, style checks, etc.
  • build deployable artifacts from every pull request and validate them at staging/development environments, the pipeline orchestrates assembly of docker images and they deployments to non-production environments.
  • carry artifacts to production environment.

This repository allows you to forget about house keeping and administration of Jenkins or similar systems.

Getting started

The latest version of serverless CI/CD is available at master branch. All development, including new features and bug fixes, take place on the master branch using forking and pull requests. The project do not supply any pre-build releases, you have to setup and configure everything by yourself.

You can enable pipelines for your repositories once the serverless CI/CD is configured at you AWS Account. The pipelines are executed by CodeBuild and triggered by GitHub using webhooks. The project provides a helper script that automates integration with CI/CD per GitHub repository.

Run the following command, to create all necessary elements

make hook GITHUB_REPO=:org/:repo CODE_BUILD_TK=:docker/:image TIMEOUT=:sec

You might automate a build (e.g. nightly builds) using CODE_BUILD_SCHEDULE variable

make hook ... CODE_BUILD_SCHEDULE='cron(0 12 * * ? *)'

Finally, you need to setup checkspec.yml, buildspec.yml and carryspec.yml in your project, they defines a sequence of actions taken by CodeBuild pipelines. See CodeBuild manual

Notice that you'll need to trigger a webhook call in the post_build step.

version: 0.1

      - echo "==> install"
      - echo "==> pre-build"
      - echo "==> testing"
       - 'curl -XPOST -d "{\"build\": \"$CODEBUILD_BUILD_ID\"}"'
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