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Conditional collection rate filter that uses trigger scripts to control the rate of data collection. Average values are sent until a trigger condition fires.
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FogLAMP "rate" C++ Filter plugin

A filter plugin that can be used to reduce the rate a reading is stored until an interesting event occurs. The filter will read data at full rate from the input side and buffer data internally, sending out averages for each value over a time frame determined by the filter configuration.

The user will provide two simple expressions that will be evaluated to form a trigger for the filter. One expressions will set the trigger and the other will clear it. When the trigger is set then the filter will no longer average the data over the configured time period, but will instead send the full bandwidth data out of the filter.

The filter also allows a pre-trigger time to be configured. In this case it will buffer this much data internally and when the trigger is initially set this pre-buffered data will be sent. The pre-buffered data is discarded if the trigger is not set and the data gets to the defined age for holding pre-trigger information.

The configuration items for the filter are:

  • The nominal data rate to send data out. This defines the period over which is outgoing data item is averaged.
  • An expression to set the trigger for full rate data
  • An expression to clear the trigger for full rate data, if left blank this will simply be the trigger filter evaluating to false
  • An optional pre-trigger time expressed in milliseconds

For example if the filter is working with a SensorTag and it reads the tag data at 10ms intervals but we only wish to send 1 second averages under normal circumstances. However if the X axis acceleration exceed 1.5g then we want to send full bandwidth data until the X axis acceleration drops to less than 0.2g, and we also want to see the data for the 1 second before the acceleration hit this peak the configuration might be:

Nominal Data Rate: 1, data rate unit "per second"

Trigger set expression: X > 1.5

Trigger clear expression: X < 0.2

Pre-trigger time (mS): 1000

The trigger expression uses the same expression mechanism as the foglamp-south-expression and foglamp-filter-expression plugins

Expression may contain any of the following...

  • Mathematical operators (+, -, *, /, %, ^)
  • Functions (min, max, avg, sum, abs, ceil, floor, round, roundn, exp, log, log10, logn, pow, root, sqrt, clamp, inrange, swap)
  • Trigonometry (sin, cos, tan, acos, asin, atan, atan2, cosh, cot, csc, sec, sinh, tanh, d2r, r2d, d2g, g2d, hyp)
  • Equalities & Inequalities (=, ==, <>, !=, <, <=, >, >=)
  • Logical operators (and, nand, nor, not, or, xor, xnor, mand, mor)

The plugin uses the C++ Mathematical Expression Toolkit Library by Arash Partow and is used under the MIT licence granted on that toolkit.

Note this plugin is designed to work with streams with a single asset in the stream, there is no mechanism in the expression syntax to support multiple asset names.

Example Configuration

The following is an example configuration.

  "untrigger": {
    "description": "Expression to trigger end of full rate collection",
    "type": "string",
    "order": "2",
    "value": "Vibration < 1",
    "default": ""
  "rate": {
    "description": "The reduced rate at which data must be sent",
    "type": "integer",
    "order": "4",
    "value": "1",
    "default": "0"
  "rateUnit": {
    "description": "The unit used to evaluate the reduced rate",
    "order": "5",
    "type": "enumeration",
    "options": [
      "per second",
      "per minute",
      "per hour",
      "per day"
    "value": "per second",
    "default": "per second"
  "plugin": {
    "description": "Expression filter plugin",
    "type": "string",
    "default": "rate",
    "value": "rate",
    "readonly": "true"
  "enable": {
    "description": "A switch that can be used to enable or disable execution of the rate filter.",
    "type": "boolean",
    "default": "false",
    "value": "true"
  "trigger": {
    "description": "Expression to trigger full rate collection",
    "type": "string",
    "order": "1",
    "value": "Vibration > 1",
    "default": ""
  "preTrigger": {
    "description": "The amount of data to send prior to the trigger firing, expressed in milliseconds",
    "type": "integer",
    "order": "3",
    "value": "0",
    "default": "1"


To build FogLAMP "rate" C++ filter plugin:

$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make
  • By default the FogLAMP develop package header files and libraries are expected to be located in /usr/include/foglamp and /usr/lib/foglamp
  • If FOGLAMP_ROOT env var is set and no -D options are set, the header files and libraries paths are pulled from the ones under the FOGLAMP_ROOT directory. Please note that you must first run 'make' in the FOGLAMP_ROOT directory.

You may also pass one or more of the following options to cmake to override this default behaviour:

  • FOGLAMP_SRC sets the path of a FogLAMP source tree
  • FOGLAMP_INCLUDE sets the path to FogLAMP header files
  • FOGLAMP_LIB sets the path to FogLAMP libraries
  • FOGLAMP_INSTALL sets the installation path of Random plugin
  • The FOGLAMP_INCLUDE option should point to a location where all the FogLAMP header files have been installed in a single directory.
  • The FOGLAMP_LIB option should point to a location where all the FogLAMP libraries have been installed in a single directory.
  • 'make install' target is defined only when FOGLAMP_INSTALL is set


  • no options

    $ cmake ..

  • no options and FOGLAMP_ROOT set

    $ export FOGLAMP_ROOT=/some_foglamp_setup

    $ cmake ..


    $ cmake -DFOGLAMP_SRC=/home/source/develop/FogLAMP ..


    $ cmake -DFOGLAMP_INCLUDE=/dev-package/include ..


    $ cmake -DFOGLAMP_LIB=/home/dev/package/lib ..


    $ cmake -DFOGLAMP_INSTALL=/home/source/develop/FogLAMP ..

    $ cmake -DFOGLAMP_INSTALL=/usr/local/foglamp ..

Packaging for 'rate' filter

This repo contains the scripts used to create a foglamp-filter-rate Debian package.

The make_deb script

Run the make_deb command after compiling the plugin:

$ ./make_deb help
make_deb {x86|arm} [help|clean|cleanall]
This script is used to create the Debian package of FoglAMP C++ 'rate' filter plugin
 help     - Display this help text
 x86      - Build an x86_64 package
 arm      - Build an armv7l package
 clean    - Remove all the old versions saved in format .XXXX
 cleanall - Remove all the versions, including the last one

Building a Package

Finally, run the make_deb command:

$ ./make_deb
The package root directory is   : /home/ubuntu/source/foglamp-filter-rate
The FogLAMP required version    : >=1.4
The package will be built in    : /home/ubuntu/source/foglamp-filter-rate/packages/build
The architecture is set as      : x86_64
The package name is             : foglamp-filter-rate-1.0.0-x86_64

Populating the package and updating version file...Done.
Building the new package...
dpkg-deb: building package 'foglamp-filter-rate' in 'foglamp-filter-rate-1.0.0-x86_64.deb'.
Building Complete.

Cleaning the Package Folder

Use the clean option to remove all the old packages and the files used to make the package.

Use the cleanall option to remove all the packages and the files used to make the package.

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