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HTTP north plugin, used to send data from one FogLAMP to another.
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FogLAMP North Plugin to send data over HTTP protocol

Packaging for http north plugin

This repo contains the scripts used to create a foglamp-north-http debian package.

The make_deb script

$ ./make_deb help
make_deb help [clean|cleanall]
This script is used to create the Debian package of foglamp north http
 help     - Display this help text
 clean    - Remove all the old versions saved in format .XXXX
 cleanall - Remove all the versions, including the last one

Building a Package

Finally, run the make_deb command:

$ ./make_deb
The package root directory is            : /home/pi/foglamp-north-http
The FogLAMP north HTTP plugin version is : 1.0.0
The package will be built in             : /home/pi/foglamp-north-http/packages/build
The package name is                      : foglamp-north-http-1.0.0

Populating the package and updating version file...Done.
Building the new package...
dpkg-deb: building package 'foglamp-north-http' in 'foglamp-north-http-1.0.0.deb'.
Building Complete.

The result will be:

$ ls -l packages/build/
  total 12
  drwxr-xr-x 4 pi pi 4096 Jun 14 10:03 foglamp-north-http-1.0.0
  -rw-r--r-- 1 pi pi 4522 Jun 14 10:03 foglamp-north-http-1.0.0.deb

Cleaning the Package Folder

Use the clean option to remove all the old packages and the files used to make the package. Use the cleanall option to remove all the packages and the files used to make the package.

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