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FogLAMP South Plugin for Modbus TCP


Create Debian Package

$ ./make_deb help
make_deb help [clean|cleanall]
This script is used to create the Debian package of foglamp modbustcp

 help     - Display this help text
 clean    - Remove all the old versions saved in format .XXXX
 cleanall - Remove all the versions, including the last one

./make_deb will create the debian package inside packages/build/.

Install Debian Package

Make sure FogLAMP is installed and running.

$ sudo systemctl status foglamp.service

Once you have created the debian package, install it using the apt command. Move the package to the apt cache directory i.e. /var/cache/apt/archives.

$ sudo cp foglamp-south-modbustcp-1.3.0.deb /var/cache/apt/archives/.
$ sudo apt install /var/cache/apt/archives/foglamp-south-modbustcp-1.3.0.deb

Check the newly installed package:

$ sudo dpkg -l | grep foglamp-south-modbustcp
ii  foglamp-south-modbustcp    1.3.0    all    South plugin for the modbustcp

Check foglamp service status for foglamp-south-modbustcp, it should list it as a south service:

$ sudo systemctl status foglamp.service
CGroup: /system.slice/foglamp.service
         |- ....
         ├─/bin/sh services/south --port= --address= --name=Modbus TCP
         └─python3 -m --port= --address= --name=Modbus TCP
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