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Simple Minecraft-inspired demo written in Python and Pyglet.

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Goals and Vision

I would like to see this project turn into an educational tool. Kids love Minecraft and Python is a great first language. This is a good opportunity to get children excited about programming.

The code should become well commented and more easily configurable. It should be easy to make some simple changes and see the results quickly.

I think it would be great to turn the project into more of a library / API... a Python package that you import and then use / configure to setup a world and run it. Something along these lines...

import mc

world = mc.World(...)
world.set_block(x, y, z, mc.DIRT)

The API could contain functionality for the following:

  • Easily configurable parameters like gravity, jump velocity, walking speed, etc.
  • Hooks for terrain generation.

How to Run

pip install pyglet
git clone
cd Minecraft


On Mac OS X, you may have an issue with running Pyglet in 64-bit mode. Try running Python in 32-bit mode first:

arch -i386 python

If that doesn't work, set Python to run in 32-bit mode by default:

defaults write Prefer-32-Bit -bool yes 

This assumes you are using the OS X default Python. Works on Lion 10.7 with the default Python 2.7, and may work on other versions too. Please raise an issue if not.

Or try Pyglet 1.2 alpha, which supports 64-bit mode:

pip install 

If you don't have pip or git

For pip:

  • Mac or Linux: install with sudo easy_install pip (Mac or Linux) - or (Linux) find a package called something like 'python-pip' in your package manager.
  • Windows: install Distribute then Pip using the linked .MSI installers.

For git:

  • Mac: install Homebrew first, then brew install git.
  • Windows or Linux: see Installing Git from the Pro Git book.

See the wiki for this project to install Python, and other tips.

How to Play


  • W: forward
  • S: back
  • A: strafe left
  • D: strafe right
  • Mouse: look around
  • Space: jump
  • Tab: toggle flying mode


  • Selecting type of block to create:
    • 1: brick
    • 2: grass
    • 3: sand
  • Mouse left-click: remove block
  • Mouse right-click: create block


  • ESC: release mouse, then close window


Simple Minecraft-inspired program using Python and Pyglet







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