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a discord bot, written using discordgo, for ✨ breaking images ✨


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A discord bot, written using discordgo, for ✨ breaking images ✨.

Running the bot

  • Build all dependencies with custom permitted cflags, to build the ImageMagick wrapper:
    CGO_CFLAGS_ALLOW=-Xpreprocessor go build -a
  • Copy .env.dist to .env, and populate it with a token and a prefix
  • go run .


If you have Nix installed and Nix Flakes enabled, this repo provides a Flake to streamline the process of running & developing the bot.

Start by following the .env instructions above, then do one of the following:

Running for usage

If you just want to use Borik and don't intend on working on it yourself, running nix run should be all that is required to compile and start Borik.

For development

If you plan on working on Borik, run the below commands to prepare a dev shell and run Borik in it.

  • Run nix develop
    • This will drop you into a shell with Go & all required dependencies ready to go.
  • Run go run .