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; Copyright (c) 2012 Fogus and Relevance Inc. All rights reserved. The
; use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the Eclipse
; Public License 1.0 (
; which can be found in the file COPYING the root of this
; distribution. By using this software in any fashion, you are
; agreeing to be bound by the terms of this license. You must not
; remove this notice, or any other, from this software.
(ns himera.server.setup)
(def ^:private core-names
'{re-pattern {:name},
keyword? {:name cljs.core.keyword?},
max-key {:name cljs.core.max-key},
list* {:name cljs.core.list*},
== {:name cljs.core.==},
instance? {:name cljs.core.instance?},
pr-str-with-opts {:name},
sequential? {:name cljs.core.sequential?},
fn? {:name cljs.core.fn?},
empty {:name cljs.core.empty},
dorun {:name cljs.core.dorun},
remove-method {:name cljs.core.remove-method},
gensym {:name cljs.core.gensym},
not= {:name cljs.core.not=},
bit-or {:name cljs.core.bit-or},
add-watch {:name cljs.core.add-watch},
some {:name cljs.core.some},
nil? {:name cljs.core.nil?},
string? {:name cljs.core.string?},
second {:name cljs.core.second},
keys {:name cljs.core.keys},
bit-set {:name cljs.core.bit-set},
false? {:name cljs.core.false?},
true? {:name cljs.core.true?},
repeat {:name cljs.core.repeat},
zipmap {:name cljs.core.zipmap},
distinct {:name cljs.core.distinct},
string-print {:name cljs.core.string-print},
get-in {:name cljs.core.get-in},
bit-xor {:name cljs.core.bit-xor},
complement {:name cljs.core.complement},
get-validator {:name cljs.core.get-validator},
js->clj {:name cljs.core.js->clj},
derive {:name cljs.core.derive},
partition-by {:name cljs.core.partition-by},
rem {:name cljs.core.rem},
odd? {:name cljs.core.odd?},
symbol? {:name cljs.core.symbol?},
js-obj {:name cljs.core.js-obj},
re-matches {:name},
split-with {:name cljs.core.split-with},
spread {:name cljs.core.spread},
next {:name},
symbol {:name cljs.core.symbol},
vals {:name cljs.core.vals},
select-keys {:name},
rand {:name cljs.core.rand},
deref {:name cljs.core.deref},
make-hierarchy {:name cljs.core.make-hierarchy},
+ {:name cljs.core.+},
number? {:name cljs.core.number?},
descendants {:name cljs.core.descendants},
last {:name cljs.core.last},
some-fn {:name cljs.core.some-fn},
integer? {:name cljs.core.integer?},
prn {:name cljs.core.prn},
with-meta {:name cljs.core.with-meta},
* {:name cljs.core.*},
butlast {:name cljs.core.butlast},
- {:name cljs.core.-},
seq? {:name cljs.core.seq?},
identical? {:name cljs.core.identical?},
pr-sequential {:name},
vary-meta {:name cljs.core.vary-meta},
bit-flip {:name cljs.core.bit-flip},
zero? {:name},
bit-and {:name cljs.core.bit-and},
newline {:name cljs.core.newline},
replicate {:name cljs.core.replicate},
keep-indexed {:name cljs.core.keep-indexed},
distinct? {:name cljs.core.distinct?},
vec {:name cljs.core.vec},
concat {:name cljs.core.concat},
update-in {:name cljs.core.update-in},
vector {:name cljs.core.vector},
conj {:name cljs.core.conj},
/ {:name cljs.core._SLASH_},
assoc {:name cljs.core.assoc},
boolean {:name cljs.core.boolean},
neg? {:name cljs.core.neg?},
js-delete {:name cljs.core.js-delete},
isa? {:name cljs.core.isa?},
remove-watch {:name cljs.core.remove-watch},
vector? {:name cljs.core.vector?},
split-at {:name cljs.core.split-at},
map {:name},
counted? {:name cljs.core.counted?},
frequencies {:name cljs.core.frequencies},
rand-int {:name cljs.core.rand-int},
iterate {:name cljs.core.iterate},
mapcat {:name cljs.core.mapcat},
assoc-in {:name cljs.core.assoc-in},
inc {:name},
every-pred {:name cljs.core.every-pred},
re-find {:name},
bit-not {:name cljs.core.bit-not},
seq {:name cljs.core.seq},
filter {:name cljs.core.filter},
js-keys {:name cljs.core.js-keys},
alter-meta! {:name cljs.core.alter-meta!},
re-seq {:name},
empty? {:name cljs.core.empty?},
name {:name},
aset {:name cljs.core.aset},
nnext {:name cljs.core.nnext},
doall {:name cljs.core.doall},
not-any? {:name cljs.core.not-any?},
reductions {:name cljs.core.reductions},
into {:name cljs.core.into},
ffirst {:name cljs.core.ffirst},
bit-clear {:name cljs.core.bit-clear},
hash {:name cljs.core.hash},
associative? {:name cljs.core.associative?},
drop-last {:name cljs.core.drop-last},
replace {:name cljs.core.replace},
parents {:name cljs.core.parents},
map? {:name},
prefers {:name cljs.core.prefers},
quot {:name cljs.core.quot},
reverse {:name cljs.core.reverse},
count {:name cljs.core.count},
set {:name cljs.core.set},
fn->comparator {:name cljs.core.fn->comparator},
comp {:name cljs.core.comp},
nth {:name cljs.core.nth},
constantly {:name cljs.core.constantly},
namespace {:name cljs.core.namespace},
pr-str {:name},
< {:name cljs.core.<},
sort-by {:name cljs.core.sort-by},
cycle {:name cljs.core.cycle},
peek {:name cljs.core.peek},
pr-with-opts {:name},
reduce {:name cljs.core.reduce},
interleave {:name cljs.core.interleave},
cons {:name cljs.core.cons},
str {:name cljs.core.str},
remove-all-methods {:name cljs.core.remove-all-methods},
first {:name cljs.core.first},
= {:name cljs.core.=},
memoize {:name cljs.core.memoize},
range {:name cljs.core.range},
tree-seq {:name cljs.core.tree-seq},
set-validator! {:name cljs.core.set-validator!},
prefer-method {:name cljs.core.prefer-method},
partition-all {:name cljs.core.partition-all},
not-every? {:name cljs.core.not-every?},
> {:name cljs.core.>},
max {:name cljs.core.max},
identity {:name cljs.core.identity},
fnext {:name cljs.core.fnext},
min-key {:name cljs.core.min-key},
reset-meta! {:name cljs.core.reset-meta!},
array {:name cljs.core.array},
subs {:name cljs.core.subs},
>= {:name cljs.core.>=},
reset! {:name cljs.core.reset!},
even? {:name cljs.core.even?},
bit-shift-left {:name cljs.core.bit-shift-left},
methods {:name cljs.core.methods},
compare {:name},
group-by {:name},
get {:name cljs.core.get},
<= {:name cljs.core.<=},
fnil {:name cljs.core.fnil},
force {:name cljs.core.force},
partial {:name cljs.core.partial},
array-seq {:name cljs.core.array-seq},
pos? {:name cljs.core.pos?},
take-while {:name cljs.core.take-while},
underive {:name cljs.core.underive},
ancestors {:name cljs.core.ancestors},
hash-combine {:name cljs.core.hash-combine},
partition {:name cljs.core.partition},
map-indexed {:name},
contains? {:name cljs.core.contains?},
interpose {:name cljs.core.interpose},
delay {:name cljs.core.delay},
apply {:name cljs.core.apply},
swap! {:name cljs.core.swap!},
subvec {:name cljs.core.subvec},
rest {:name},
keyword {:name cljs.core.keyword},
mod {:name cljs.core.mod},
nfirst {:name cljs.core.nfirst},
nthnext {:name cljs.core.nthnext},
dec {:name cljs.core.dec},
undefined? {:name cljs.core.undefined?},
println {:name cljs.core.println},
aget {:name cljs.core.aget},
pr {:name},
drop {:name cljs.core.drop},
aclone {:name cljs.core.aclone},
pop {:name cljs.core.pop},
atom {:name cljs.core.atom},
bit-shift-right {:name cljs.core.bit-shift-right},
delay? {:name cljs.core.delay?},
realized? {:name cljs.core.realized?},
disj {:name cljs.core.disj},
merge-with {:name cljs.core.merge-with},
take-nth {:name cljs.core.take-nth},
take-last {:name cljs.core.take-last},
take {:name cljs.core.take},
set? {:name cljs.core.set?},
rand-nth {:name cljs.core.rand-nth},
juxt {:name cljs.core.juxt},
alength {:name cljs.core.alength},
to-array {:name},
hash-map {:name cljs.core.hash-map},
bit-and-not {:name cljs.core.bit-and-not},
compare-and-set! {:name!},
type {:name cljs.core.type},
repeatedly {:name cljs.core.repeatedly},
trampoline {:name cljs.core.trampoline},
remove {:name cljs.core.remove},
find {:name cljs.core.find},
coll? {:name cljs.core.coll?},
drop-while {:name cljs.core.drop-while},
not-empty {:name cljs.core.not-empty},
flatten {:name cljs.core.flatten},
list {:name cljs.core.list},
every? {:name cljs.core.every?},
flush {:name cljs.core.flush},
sort {:name cljs.core.sort},
dissoc {:name cljs.core.dissoc},
not {:name cljs.core.not},
get-method {:name cljs.core.get-method},
merge {:name cljs.core.merge},
min {:name cljs.core.min},
bit-test {:name cljs.core.bit-test},
keep {:name cljs.core.keep},
meta {:name cljs.core.meta},
prim-seq {:name cljs.core.prim-seq}})
(defn load-core-names []
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