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(ns minderbinder.information
(:require [minderbinder.core :refer (defunits-of)]))
;; Basic unit of information (entropy). The entropy in bits
;; of a random variable over a finite alphabet is defined
;; to be the sum of -p(i)*log2(p(i)) over the alphabet where
;; p(i) is the probability that the random variable takes
;; on the value i.
(defunits-of information :bit
:byte 8
:byte #{:bytes}
:nibble [1/2 :byte]
:nibble #{:nybble :nyble}
:octet :byte
:kilobyte [1024 :bytes]
:kilobyte #{:kibibyte :KiB :kB}
:megabyte [1024 :kilobyte]
:megabyte #{:mebibyte :MiB :MB}
:gigabyte [1024 :megabyte]
:gigabyte #{:gibibyte :GiB :GB}
:terabyte [1024 :gigabyte]
:terabyte #{:tebibyte :TiB :TB}
:petabyte [1024 :terabyte]
:petabyte #{:pebibyte :PiB :PB}
:exabyte [1024 :petabyte]
:exabyte #{:exbibyte :EiB :EB}
:internet [500N :exabyte] ;; estimate, as of 2009
:zettabyte [1024N :exabyte]
:zettabyte #{:zebibyte :ZiB :ZB}
:yottabyte [1024N :zettabyte]
:yottabyte #{:yobibyte :YiB :YB}
:kbit [1000 :bit]
:kbit #{:kilobit :kibit :kibibit}
:Mbit [1000 :kbit]
:Mbit #{:megabit :Mibit :mebibit}
:Gbit [1000 :Mbit]
:Gbit #{:gigabit :gibibit :gibit})