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Blossom is a business application framework written in JavaScript targeting tablet, mobile, and desktop browsers.
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Blossom - A Modern Business Application Framework

NEW! Blossom 1.0 was released on May 28, 2012. Here's the release notes:

Blossom is a business application framework written in JavaScript and targeting tablet, mobile, and desktop browsers. It is based on Apple's SproutCore application framework.

Blossom is primarily being used as the basis for re-usable, model-driven business application shells across desktop, tablet and mobile browsers. As such, there is no public documentation or support for Blossom itself, and none will be forthcoming. Blossom is not an end-user product.

Blossom only includes a very minimal set of built-in widgets, but makes developing new widgets extremely easy. Because Blossom is meant to be used in the context of specific, re-usable application shells, the widgets are expected to be custom-built for these shells.

About Blossom

Designed specifically for tablets and mobile browsers, Blossom extends the reach of traditional SproutCore applications to these resource-constrained environments by re-architecting the view layer to be HTML and CSS-independent.

Blossom is especially well-suited to data-driven, business-type applications.

Blossom also extends the kinds of apps that can be written in JavaScript by implementing an easy-to-use, high-performance animation subsystem that leverages hardware acceleration on the GPU whenever possible. The API is roughly based on Apple's Core Animation framework, and provides similar capabilities in modern web browsers.

Blossom's developer tools run on Node.js with an MIT license, and Blossom itself is licensed under the GPLv3.

If you are interested in using Blossom as the basis for your own business application shell, and would like a commercial license, please contact Erich Ocean at

Getting Involved

Watch this repository on GitHub to follow development, or fork it and submit a pull request to help contribute to it's evolution.

Blossom was conceived and written by Erich Ocean at Fohr, and is based on the SproutCore version 1.4.5 release.

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