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You need to install Node 0.6.5 or higher:

This automatically includes npm, the Node Package Manager.

Next you'll need to get a copy of Blossom itself. The easiest way is to use git and clone the Blossom repository on GitHub:

cd /directory/where/you/want/your/blossom/install/
git clone

Next, install any required Node packages:

cd blossom
npm install

Then start up Blossom's development server:

node projectfile.js

Go to http://localhost:4020/. You'll see a list of demo apps you can run. Click on the one you want to try.

To run the foundation framework tests, do:

node testrunner.js tests/foundation

To run the datastore framework tests, do:

node testrunner.js tests/datastore

In either case, you should see output that looks something like this:

· ✓ OK » 1 honored (0.002s)

To run a specific test, just do:

node testrunner.js tests/path/to/test.js

Some tests currently fail because they have not been updated for our Vows-based test runner. Patches welcome!

Note: The infrastructure for testing the application framework and apps you build with Blossom is coming soon.

Questions? Ask on the #blossom channel at

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