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User Group Talk

Why does Blossom exist?

  • A brief history of views in SproutCore

    • templates (0.9, Ruby) -> javascript (1.0) -> templates (SC 2)
    • Cappuccino's influence
    • IE 7 and crappy DOM performance
    • did I mention positioning?
  • Why are SproutCore views so dang hard to write?

    • HTML and CSS play off each other (no central way to style)
    • going from a pixel-perfect mockup to the equivalent HTML/CSS in
    • surprising interplay between unrelated views
    • lots of CSS is a pain (conflicts, !important, very long selectors)
    • very, very hard to subclass an existing view due to styling issues
  • SproutCore sucks on mobile IMO

    • the code itself takes a long time to parse (not to mention download)
    • touch events in mobile browser are pretty hacky
    • the framework as a whole is structured in a way that makes good mobile hard
  • The world is different now than in 2008

    • browsers are better
    • native apps are huge on mobile (hello, iPhone!)
    • a massive shift towards single-window and/or full screen apps
      • iOS is 100% full screen
      • Mac OS X Lion is heavily promoting full screen apps
      • and so is Windows 8

What are the primary goals for Blossom?

  • Modern
    • Node.js-based buildtools
    • awesome animation support
    • statecharts should work well everywhere, not be an add-on
  • Cross-platform
    • we love the browser, but native is where it's at
    • want both, at the same time
    • WebView wrappers suck
      • crappy performance
      • weird resource problems that can't be overcome
      • admit it: it's a hack
  • Kick ass on mobile/touch devices
    • native runtimes
    • native graphics implementations
    • must us the GPU for mobile
  • Fix the view problem
    • views should be easy to write and style
    • subclassing a view should be easy
    • styling one view shouldn't hurt another view
    • you shouldn't need deep knowledge of browser runtimes and DOM implementations to get good performance

Code walkthrough, demos

  • framework organization
  • buildtools
    • based on the npm infrastructur
    • demo: test_project
  • theory of supporting multiple platforms (ifdefs)

Blossom Developer Preview

  • what works today
    • demos!
    • layer and view model
      • gpu
      • compositing
      • animation with the animation loop
  • code walkthrough of SC.Layer and ext/float32.js
    • give a flavor of how things look under the hood
  • what you can do now
  • how you can help going forward
    • subclass SC.Pane (and soon, SC.View) with new controls
      • from each theme: Classic, Ace, and Aristo
    • extend the buildtools with new npm packages people can use (BT.ClassicProject would be great)
    • encouragement!
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