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The UI to manage the infrastructure of multiple Linux machines.

You can find more documentation in the "docs" directory.


Configuration environment

Some configuration options can be overridden with the environment variables:

  • CONFIG_FILE : The path to the config file
  • PLUGINS_JARS : The path to the jars containing the plugings
  • INFINITE_LOOP_TIMEOUT_IN_MS : To change infiniteLoopTimeoutInMs

Configuration file

You need to create a json configuration file that maps the object InfraUiConfig.

Here is an example of the content:

	"baseUrl" : "http://infra.localhost",
	"infiniteLoopTimeoutInMs" : 120000,
	"csrfSalt" : "404117EAC615CC20867B2150B",
	"mailHost" : "",
	"mailPort" : 25,
	"mailUsername" : null,
	"mailPassword" : null,
	"mailAlertsTo" : "admin@localhost",
	"mailFrom" : "infra-ui@localhost",
	"mongoUri" : "mongodb://root:ABC@",
	"loginConfigDetails" : {
		"appId" : "BC805427E1",
		"baseUrl" : "http://login.localhost",
		"certFile" : null,
		"certText" : null
	"loginCookieSignatureSalt" : "fa7c8c64f538931381e245661",
	"externalJsScripts": {
		"en": [
		"fr": [

You can then specify the full path of that file as the configFile argument when launching the app or as the CONFIG_FILE environment variable.


Text messages

The translations are in:

  • /src/main/resources/WEB-INF/infra/ui/messages/
  • /src/main/resources/WEB-INF/infra/ui/messages/

And when you add more, you can easily sort them by running SortMessagesApp.launch.

To modify UI vendor libraries

Edit src/main/resources/WEB-INF/infra/ui/resources/ui2/vendor/package.json.

Run ./

If you are adding or removing dependencies, you can then edit InfraUiWebSpringConfig.

TEST in Eclipse

To be able to execute the application in Eclipse, you first need to download all the plugins jars:


And you need to start mongodb


Then, run InfraUiApp - TEST.launch

TEST in Docker

Simply execute ./ .

When done, cleanup by stopping the DB: docker stop infra-ui-mongodb .



You can see the API documentation here: http://localhost:8888/swagger-ui.html


The UI to manage the infrastructure




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