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Copyright (C) 2018-2022 The Open Library Foundation

This software is distributed under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0. See the file "LICENSE" for more information.


This repository contains reports and other analytics developed for FOLIO and designed to run on the Library Data Platform. At present most of the content here consists of SQL reports developed by the FOLIO reporting community and based on the requirements of FOLIO partner libraries. In addition to report development, FOLIO has a Reporting Special Interest Group that discusses reporting requirements and other related topics.

How to use this repository

LDP-based queries are written in SQL and are currently tested on PostgreSQL, with plans to test on Redshift in the future. To use these queries, you will need to connect to an LDP database instance using a reporting tool that supports SQL scripts. Examples of reporting tools that will execute SQL scripts include DBeaver, Aqua Data Studio, Tableau, and Microsoft Access.

If none of the queries provided match your needs, you can look for an existing query to use as a starting point and edit the query to create the desired output. The LDP User Guide includes guidelines for writing queries.


SQL queries are stored in the sql directory of this repository. Queries are separated into two categories: derived table queries and report queries.

Derived table queries are designed to combine tables that are commonly used together or to otherwise simply querying. Institutions may wish to set up a nightly Cron job to run these queries.

Report queries are created in response to specific report requests from FOLIO member institutions. Each query is located in a separate directory. A full report may contain several individual queries. Consult the file in the report queries folder for a query table of contents, and look for additional files in the query folders to explain how to run the reports.


Each release of folio-analytics is intended to be used with a specific FOLIO release:

FOLIO folio-analytics
Morning Glory 1.4
Lotus 1.3
Kiwi 1.2
Juniper 1.2


There are two primary types of branches:

  • The main branch (main). This is a development branch where new features are first merged. This branch is relatively unstable. It is also the default view when browsing the repository on GitHub.

  • Release branches (release-*). These are releases made from main. They are managed as stable branches; i.e. they may receive bug fixes but generally no new features. Production deployments should install release tags, not branches.