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This is the source for "FOLIO Developers" at

To contribute changes, please make the changes in a new branch and submit a pull request.

Software requirements

Local development requires curl and Ruby and Bundler. The 'bundle install' step will install the relevant local Jekyll.

For Ruby, using rbenv and its 'ruby-build' plugin ensures a smooth process. In this directory, set the ruby version with: rbenv local <version>

Then do:

bundle install --path vendor/bundle
bundle exec jekyll serve --port 5000
bundle exec jekyll build

Occasionally do bundle update to advance the versions of dependencies.


Instead of installing the requirements you may run

docker-compose up

to use the Jekyll Docker image.

Link checker

To verify internal and external links, do:


Work area - management of dev site

See notes.


The master branch is automatically deployed as

Other branches are re-built upon push of changes. Follow the GitHub link from the branch's continuous-integration details.

Additional information

See project FOLIO at the FOLIO issue tracker. We use the label "devweb".

The FOLIO Slack channel #dev-website