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This is the source for "FOLIO Developers" at

To contribute changes, please make the changes in a new branch and submit a pull request.

Software requirements

Local development requires curl and Ruby and Bundler. The 'bundle install' step will install the relevant local Jekyll.

For Ruby, using rbenv and its 'ruby-build' plugin ensures a smooth process. In this directory, set the ruby version with: rbenv local <version>

Then do:

bundle install --path vendor/bundle

Occasionally a site maintainer will have updated dependencies, and there will be changes to the Gemfile.lock file. Do bundle install again.


Instead of installing the requirements you may run

docker-compose up

to use the Jekyll Docker image.

Local development

To view and edit documents on your local machine, run the local Jekyll server:

bundle exec jekyll serve --port 5000

Then visit localhost:5000 with the browser, and proceed to the page of interest.

Edit the relevant Markdown source document, and save it. The server will automatically re-generate that particular page. Now refresh the web browser to view its changes.

When finally ready with your set of changes, commit and push the branch to GitHub. See deployment notes below.

Link checker

To verify internal and external links, do:



rake proof

This will re-generate the whole site, then report any broken links.

Note that verification of GitHub links is disabled.

Work area - management of dev site

See notes about the operation and management. (Despite the name of this repository, it is not built using the GitHub tools.)


The master branch is automatically deployed as

Other branches are re-built upon push of changes. Follow the GitHub link from the branch's continuous-integration details to view the generated branch site.

Additional information

See project FOLIO at the FOLIO issue tracker. We use the label "devweb" for items that relate to the software and facilities for building the website. We use the label "devdoc" for items that relate to documentation content.

The FOLIO Slack channel #dev-website

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