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Copyright (C) 2016-2023 The Open Library Foundation

This software is distributed under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0. See the file "LICENSE" for more information.


Module to provide central feesfines management for FOLIO systems.

Additional information

The raml-module-builder framework.

Other modules.

Other FOLIO Developer documentation is at

Issue tracker

See project MODFEE at the FOLIO issue tracker.


See the built target/ModuleDescriptor.json for the interfaces that this module requires and provides, the permissions, and the additional module metadata.

API documentation

This module's API documentation.

Code analysis

SonarQube analysis.

Download and configuration

The built artifacts for this module are available. See configuration for repository access, and the Docker image.

Implementation details

Fee/fine amount rounding

It was decided and agreed with the fee/fine's PO that default fee/fine amount rounding mode is half up (java BigDecimal.ROUND_HALF_UP). It means that value X < 0.005 is rounded to 0.00 and value X >= 0.005 is rounded to 0.01.