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Copyright (C) 2020-2023 The Open Library Foundation

This software is distributed under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0. See the file "LICENSE" for more information.


mod-ldp is a FOLIO module that mediates access to the Library Data Platform (LDP). It removes the need to deal directly with a relational database by providing a simple WSAPI that can be used by UI code such as ui-ldp.

The WSAPI is described in machine-readable form by a RAML file and its associated JSON Schemas and example documents. Auto-generated human-readable documentation is provided in two different but equivalent forms:

(There is also undocumented and incomplete functionality to retrieve logs from the folio_release database, dbsystem.log table.)

See application.yml for configuration.

Clone, build, run

$ git clone
$ cd mod-ldp
$ mvn install
$ java -jar target/mod-ldp-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar

The port can be changed by passing a command-line option --server.port=8090

The default configuration for database connection can be changed in the application.yml file. It currently looks for run-time provided environmental variables of DB_HOST, DB_PORT, DB_DATABASE, DB_USERNAME and DB_PASSWORD.

If running mod-ldp locally, you will likely run into CORS problems with Stripes refusing to make GET and POST requests to it because OPTIONS requests don't return the necessary Access-control-allow-origin header. To work around this, you can run a CORS-permissive HTTP proxy such as local-cors-anywhere -- which by default listens on port 8080 -- and access the running mod-ldp at http://localhost:8080/http://localhost:8001.

It's also possible to run with hot-reload (although note that hot-reload can sometimes fail to detect changes in annotations (e.g. @Data), in which case a clean is needed to re-compile):

./mvnw spring-boot:run

Install to Okapi locally

./mvnw generate-resources

cd scripts

Assign permission to the user:

stripes okapi login diku_admin --okapi http://localhost:9130 --tenant diku
stripes perm assign --name --user diku_admin --okapi http://localhost:9130 --tenant diku

Build and run with Docker

Build the jar:

mvn package

Build the docker image:

docker build -t mod-ldp .

Run the docker container:

docker run -p 8001:8001 -e SPRING_DATASOURCE_PASSWORD=yourPasswordHere --rm mod-ldp

Additional information

In order to talk to an external LDP database, mod-ldp needs to have db connection information configured on a per-tenant basis. This is accomplished by creating an entry at the config endpoint with a key of 'dbinfo'.

The relevant fields of the configuration are 'user', 'pass' and 'url'.

An example would be to PUT the following payload to /ldp/config/dbinfo:

  "value":"{ \"user\" : \"ldp_user\", \"url\" : \"jdbc:postgresql:\/\/\/db_name\", \"pass\" : \"abc123def456\" }"  

Other documentation

Library Data Platform (LDP) -- an open source platform for analytics in libraries.

ui-ldp -- LDP query builder UI for FOLIO/ReShare

Code of Conduct

Refer to the Wiki FOLIO Code of Conduct.

Issue tracker

See project MODLDP at the FOLIO issue tracker.

Code analysis

FOLIO SonarQube analysis.

Download and configuration

The built artifacts for this module are available.