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Copyright (C) 2017-2020 The Open Library Foundation

This software is distributed under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0. See the file "LICENSE" for more information.


Notes on all types of objects

The notes module implements a simple CRUD interface on /notes where users can post notes, small comment texts that refer to other objects in the system, for example users or items. See ramls/note.json for the precise definition.

The interface provides the usual CRUD operations POST/PUT/GET/DELETE on /notes and /notes/$id. See the RAML for precise definitions.

The GET interfaces accept a query as usual, for example notes/?query=domain=users. Querying on the domain is practical to limit to notes on given types of items, querying on the text is good for searching.

For ease of use, the notes contain the username and human readable name (first, middle, and last) of the creating user. These get automatically populated when a note is created, if necessary. They can be changed later with a PUT request, in case the user changes his name.

User mentions

Does not supported.


The module declares the usual permission bits for the CRUD operations, but it also makes use of the DesiredPermissions feature, using one wildcard pattern '*' for all endpoints. The idea is that each UI module that makes use of notes, will have to decide on a name for its domain (for example 'items') and use that on all notes they operate on. They should also define a permission set that includes the '' permission in some permission set, and enable that for the users who will have access to the permissions on that domain, together with the CRUD permissions telling what kind of operations the user is allowed to perform.

There is also a overall permission '' that grants permission to all possible domains.

The way this is designed, the notes module does not need to know or care about which domains we end up having in the system. Unfortunately it requires mod-permissions to support wildcards in the DesiredPermissions, which it does not quite do yet.

Additional information

Other documentation

Other modules are described, with further FOLIO Developer documentation at

Issue tracker

See project MODNOTES at the FOLIO issue tracker.

Quick start

Compile with mvn clean install

Run the local stand-alone instance:

java -jar target/mod-notes-fat.jar \
  -Dhttp.port=8081 embed_postgres=true


See the built target/ModuleDescriptor.json for the interfaces that this module requires and provides, the permissions, and the additional module metadata.

API documentation

This module's API documentation.

The local API docs are available, for example:


Code analysis

SonarQube analysis.

Download and configuration

The built artifacts for this module are available. See configuration for repository access, and the Docker image.

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