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Copyright (C) 2017-2021 The Open Library Foundation

This software is distributed under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0. See the file "LICENSE" for more information.


Notifications to the users

This module manages notifications, simple messages sent to the users by some system processes. For example, that a reserved book has become available, or that a batch job has finished importing 1000 users, with 27 errors.

A simple notification looks something like this:

  "id" : "11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111",
  "recipientId" : "22222222-2222-2222-2222-222222222222",
  "text" : "Your item has been returned",
  "link" : "items/23456",
  "seen" : false,
  "metadata" : {
    "createdDate" : "2017-09-18 12:00:00",
    "createdByUserId" : "33333333-3333-3333-3333-333333333333"

The important fields are the recipientId, the UUID of the user for whom this notification is meant to, and the text. There can also be a link to the thing the notification is all about.

The most common operations on notifications are

  • POST a new notification to the system
  • PUT an update to a notification, typically to set the seen flag to true
  • GET notifications for a given user, typically with a filter for unseen ones

There is also an endpoint to post a notification with the userId in the URL. This gets looked up in mod-users, and the recipient UUID is inserted in the notification.

POST /patron-notice allows to send notices to patrons.

All messages are sent to mod-sender with POST /message-delivery-notice. mod-sender then decides which delivery channel should be used (e.g. email).

Other documentation

Other modules are described, with further FOLIO Developer documentation at

Patron notices documentation.

Issue tracker

See project MODNOTIFY at the FOLIO issue tracker.

Quick start

Compile with mvn clean install

Run the local stand-alone instance:

java -jar target/mod-notify-fat.jar \
  -Dhttp.port=8081 embed_postgres=true

See the script for some simple curl examples.


See the built target/ModuleDescriptor.json for the interfaces that this module requires and provides, the permissions, and the additional module metadata.

API documentation

This module's API documentation.

The local API docs are available, for example:


Code analysis

SonarQube analysis.

Download and configuration

The built artifacts for this module are available. See configuration for repository access, and the Docker image.