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Okapi — a multitenant API Gateway

Copyright (C) 2015-2023 The Open Library Foundation

This software is distributed under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0. See the file "LICENSE" for more information.

System requirements

The Okapi software has the following compile-time dependencies:

  • Java 11

  • Apache Maven 3.3.x or higher

The test suite has these additional dependencies:

Note: If tests fail, the API Gateway may be unable in some cases to shut down microservices that it has spawned, and they may need to be terminated manually.

Quick start

Before buliding, make sure your $JAVA_HOME environment variable is set correctly.

This can be done by one of the two ways described below:

  1. For e.g., on Debain(and Debian-based) distros, run the following command to set the $JAVA_HOME for the current session:
  $ export JAVA_HOME=`readlink -f /usr/bin/javac | sed "s:bin/javac::"`
  1. Or, you can add the following at the end of the ~/.profile for persistently setting $JAVA_HOME :
  $ echo export JAVA_HOME=`readlink -f /usr/bin/javac | sed "s:bin/javac::"` >> ~/.profile

Then run:

  $ source ~/.profile

You may need to log out and log in again or reboot for these changes to take effect.

To build and run:

$ mvn install
$ mvn exec:exec

Okapi listens on port 9130.

To build without running the test suite:

$ mvn install -DskipTests


When running unit tests, property testStorage controls what storage to use. It has a default value of inmemory,postgres,mongo. Tests will complete faster by specifying one storage type only.

For example:

$ mvn -DtestStorage=inmemory install

When filing bug reports with unit test output, always use Maven option -B to avoid control characters in output.

Docker image

At Docker Hub:

See Automation/Docker Hub for details.

Docker images are the primary distribution model for FOLIO modules. To run the images you will need the Docker Engine or Docker Desktop runtime.

Ubuntu package

Import the FOLIO signing key and add the FOLIO apt repository for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa):

wget -q -O - | sudo apt-key add -
sudo add-apt-repository "deb focal/"

Issue tracker

See project OKAPI at the FOLIO issue tracker


Code analysis

SonarQube analysis