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SegmentedControl (DEPRECATED)

Creates a split button set that can be used for filters, tabs, and other subnavigation.


<SegmentedControl> will accept one or more <Button> components as children. Each child button should have its own unique id prop.

import { SegmentedControl } from '@folio/stripes/components';
// ...
/* define a handler for activation.
* It should accept an object containing an 'id' key.
* This will be equal to the 'id' prop of the clicked/selected button
* from the control.

  handleActivate({id}) {
      activeTab: id,

// ...
<SegmentedControl activeId={this.state.activeTab} onActivate={this.handleActivate}>
  <Button id="test">test</Button>
  <Button id="it">it</Button>
  <Button id="out">out</Button>

Additionally, each child <Button> can have its own onClick handler as well for handing other functionality.


Name type description default required
tag string Set the HTML tag used to wrap the button set. 'nav'
className string Add a custom className to SegmentedControl
activeId string Which of the child <Button>s gets "active" styling
onActivate func Handler called when a child <Button> is clicked
children node Set of <Button>s.
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