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What may become a Stripes client for Glint


Install NodeJS and Yarn as appropriate for your operating system.

Configure Yarn to fetch FOLIO packages from our CI system as this is being developed against the current codebase rather than releases:

yarn config set @folio:registry

Install stripes-cli to be available globally for your user:

yarn global add @folio/stripes-cli

Installing stripes-cli will make the stripes binary available from your Yarn bin directory which may not be in your path. yarn global bin will let you know where to find it.

Running a development server

Change to the directory where you have checked out this repository.

Install dependencies:

yarn install

Configure Stripes: Copy stripes.config.example.js to stripes.config.js and modify it as appropriate to your Glint deployment.

Use stripes-cli to bundle the system via webpack and run a webserver that makes it accessible at http://localhost:3000/ by default:

stripes serve stripes.config.js

Navigating to that page will hopefully allow you to browse datasets on a Glint server running at the URL you specified in the configuration file passed to stripes serve.

Building static assets for deployment

To bundle the Stripes client for deployment via CDN, webserver, or Glint itself, you can use stripes build. Currently Glint requires assets to be requested with a prefix that can be set via the --publicPath option:

stripes build stripes.config.js <directory to output to> --publicPath=/stripesAssets/


This is all still very much under development. Beyond pulling new commits to this repo, remember to run yarn install after and keep stripes-cli up to date:

git pull
yarn install
yarn global upgrade @folio/stripes-cli


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