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Finder plugin for finc metadata sources
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Copyright (C) 2019 The Open Library Foundation

This software is distributed under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0. See the file "LICENSE" for more information.


Congratulations on creating a new Stripes UI app module! Follow the instructions below to run ui-plugin-find-finc-metadata-source and start your development.

TODO: Modify this README to replace these sections about getting started.


In order to view and log into the platform being served up, a suitable Okapi backend will need to be running. The testing-backend Vagrant box should work if your app does not yet have its own backend module.

Run your new app

Run the following from the ui-plugin-find-finc-metadata-source directory to serve your new app using a development server:

stripes serve

Note: When serving up a newly created app that does not have its own backend permissions established, pass the --hasAllPerms option to display the app in the UI navigation. For example:

stripes serve --hasAllPerms

To specify your own tenant ID or to use an Okapi instance other than http://localhost:9130 pass the --okapi and --tenant options.

stripes serve --okapi --tenant my-tenant-id

Run the tests

Run the included UI tests with the following command:

stripes test karma

What to do next?

Now that your new app is running, search the code for "new-app" to find comments and subbed placeholders that may need your attention.

Please remove or customize the sample strings in en.json (lines 3-10) before merging this file to master; the translators do not need to be providing translations for these sample strings.

Read the Stripes Module Developer's Guide.

When your new UI app is ready and being built by CI, then adjust its Jenkinsfile to remove the npmDeploy = 'no' parameter (which is then superfluous).

TODO: Modify this README to replace these sections about getting started, link to your issue tracker, etc.

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