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fs = require 'fs'
vm = require 'vm'
md = require('markdown').markdown
coffee = require 'coffee-script'
CodeMirror = require 'codemirror/addon/runmode/runmode.node'
PDFDocument = require '../'
# setup code mirror coffeescript mode
filename = require.resolve('codemirror/mode/coffeescript/coffeescript')
coffeeMode = fs.readFileSync filename, 'utf8'
vm.runInNewContext coffeeMode, CodeMirror: CodeMirror
# style definitions for markdown
styles =
font: 'fonts/Alegreya-Bold.ttf'
fontSize: 25
padding: 15
font: 'fonts/Alegreya-Bold.ttf'
fontSize: 18
padding: 10
font: 'fonts/Alegreya-Bold.ttf'
fontSize: 18
padding: 10
font: 'fonts/Merriweather-Regular.ttf'
fontSize: 10
padding: 10
font: 'fonts/SourceCodePro-Regular.ttf'
fontSize: 9
padding: 10
background: '#2c2c2c'
font: 'fonts/SourceCodePro-Bold.ttf'
fontSize: 10
font: 'fonts/Merriweather-Regular.ttf'
fontSize: 10
padding: 6
font: 'fonts/Merriweather-Regular.ttf'
fontSize: 10
color: 'blue'
underline: true
font: 'Helvetica'
fontSize: 9
color: 'black'
padding: 10
# syntax highlighting colors
# based on Github's theme
colors =
keyword: '#cb4b16'
atom: '#d33682'
number: '#009999'
def: '#2aa198'
variable: '#108888'
'variable-2': '#b58900'
'variable-3': '#6c71c4'
property: '#2aa198'
operator: '#6c71c4'
comment: '#999988'
string: '#dd1144'
'string-2': '#009926'
meta: '#768E04'
qualifier: '#b58900'
builtin: '#d33682'
bracket: '#cb4b16'
tag: '#93a1a1'
attribute: '#2aa198'
header: '#586e75'
quote: '#93a1a1'
link: '#93a1a1'
special: '#6c71c4'
default: '#002b36'
# shared lorem ipsum text so we don't need to copy it into every example
lorem = 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam in suscipit purus. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Vivamus nec hendrerit felis. Morbi aliquam facilisis risus eu lacinia. Sed eu leo in turpis fringilla hendrerit. Ut nec accumsan nisl. Suspendisse rhoncus nisl posuere tortor tempus et dapibus elit porta. Cras leo neque, elementum a rhoncus ut, vestibulum non nibh. Phasellus pretium justo turpis. Etiam vulputate, odio vitae tincidunt ultricies, eros odio dapibus nisi, ut tincidunt lacus arcu eu elit. Aenean velit erat, vehicula eget lacinia ut, dignissim non tellus. Aliquam nec lacus mi, sed vestibulum nunc. Suspendisse potenti. Curabitur vitae sem turpis. Vestibulum sed neque eget dolor dapibus porttitor at sit amet sem. Fusce a turpis lorem. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae;'
codeBlocks = []
lastType = null
# This class represents a node in the markdown tree, and can render it to pdf
class Node
constructor: (tree) ->
# special case for text nodes
if typeof tree is 'string'
@type = 'text'
@text = tree
@type = tree.shift()
@attrs = {}
if typeof tree[0] is 'object' and not Array.isArray tree[0]
@attrs = tree.shift()
# parse sub nodes
@content = while tree.length
new Node tree.shift()
switch @type
when 'header'
@type = 'h' + @attrs.level
when 'code_block'
# use code mirror to syntax highlight the code block
code = @content[0].text
@content = []
CodeMirror.runMode code, 'coffeescript', (text, style) =>
color = colors[style] or colors.default
opts =
color: color
continued: text isnt '\n'
@content.push new Node ['code', opts, text]
@content[@content.length - 1]?.attrs.continued = false
codeBlocks.push code
when 'img'
# images are used to generate inline example output
# compiles the coffeescript to JS so it can be run
# in the render method
@type = 'example'
code = codeBlocks[@attrs.alt]
@code = coffee.compile code if code
@height = +@attrs.title or 0
@style = styles[@type] or styles.para
# sets the styles on the document for this node
setStyle: (doc) ->
if @style.font
doc.font @style.font
if @style.fontSize
doc.fontSize @style.fontSize
if @style.color or @attrs.color
doc.fillColor @style.color or @attrs.color
doc.fillColor 'black'
options = {}
options.align = @style.align = @attrs.href or false # override continued link
options.continued = @attrs.continued if @attrs.continued?
return options
# renders this node and its subnodes to the document
render: (doc, continued = false) ->
switch @type
when 'example'
@setStyle doc
# translate all points in the example code to
# the current point in the document
doc.translate(doc.x, doc.y)
x = doc.x
y = doc.y
doc.x = doc.y = 0
# run the example code with the document
vm.runInNewContext @code,
doc: doc
lorem: lorem
# restore points and styles
y += doc.y
doc.x = x
doc.y = y + @height
when 'hr'
# loop through subnodes and render them
for fragment, index in @content
if fragment.type is 'text'
# add a new page for each heading, unless it follows another heading
if @type in ['h1', 'h2'] and lastType? and lastType isnt 'h1'
if @type == 'h1'
doc.h1Outline = doc.outline.addItem(fragment.text)
else if @type == 'h2' && doc.h1Outline != null
# set styles and whether this fragment is continued (for rich text wrapping)
options = @setStyle doc
options.continued ?= continued or index < @content.length - 1
# remove newlines unless this is code
unless @type is 'code'
fragment.text = fragment.text.replace(/[\r\n]\s*/g, ' ')
doc.text fragment.text, options
fragment.render doc, index < @content.length - 1 and @type isnt 'bulletlist'
lastType = @type
if @style.padding
doc.y += @style.padding
# reads and renders a markdown/literate coffeescript file to the document
render = (doc, filename) ->
codeBlocks = []
tree = md.parse fs.readFileSync(filename, 'utf8')
while tree.length
node = new Node tree.shift()
# renders the title page of the guide
renderTitlePage = (doc) ->
title = 'PDFKit Guide'
author = 'By Devon Govett'
version = 'Version ' + require('../package.json').version
doc.font 'fonts/AlegreyaSans-Light.ttf', 60
doc.y = / 2 - doc.currentLineHeight()
doc.text title, align: 'center'
w = doc.widthOfString(title)
doc.h1Outline = doc.outline.addItem(title)
doc.fontSize 20
doc.y -= 10
doc.text author,
align: 'center'
indent: w - doc.widthOfString(author)
doc.font styles.para.font, 10
doc.text version,
align: 'center'
indent: w - doc.widthOfString(version)
# render all sections of the guide and write the pdf file
do ->
doc = new PDFDocument
doc.pipe fs.createWriteStream('guide.pdf')
renderTitlePage doc
render doc, ''
render doc, ''
render doc, ''
render doc, ''
render doc, ''
render doc, ''