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A PNG decoder in JS for the canvas element or Node.js.

Browser Usage

Simply include png.js and zlib.js on your HTML page, create a canvas element, and call PNG.load to load an image.

<script src="zlib.js"></script>
<script src="png.js"></script>
    var canvas = document.getElementsByTagName('canvas')[0];
    PNG.load('some.png', canvas);

The source code for the browser version resides in png.js and also supports loading and displaying animated PNGs.

Node.js Usage

Install the module using npm

sudo npm install png-js

Require the module and decode a PNG

var PNG = require('png-js');
PNG.decode('some.png', function(pixels) {
    // pixels is a 1d array (in rgba order) of decoded pixel data

You can also call PNG.load if you want to load the PNG (but not decode the pixels) synchronously. If you already have the PNG data in a buffer, simply use new PNG(buffer). In both of these cases, you need to call png.decode yourself which passes your callback the decoded pixels as a buffer. If you already have a buffer you want the pixels copied to, call copyToImageData with your buffer and the decoded pixels as returned from decodePixels.


A (animated) PNG decoder in JavaScript for the HTML5 canvas element and Node.js




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