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Croppie - A Javascript Image Cropper

To Install

Bower: bower install croppie

Npm: npm install croppie

Download: croppie.js & croppie.css

Adding croppie to your site

<link rel="stylesheet" href="croppie.css" />
<script src="croppie.js"></script>

CDN provides croppie via cdn{version}/croppie.min.css{version}/croppie.min.js



Related Libraries


First, thanks for contributing. This project is difficult to maintain with one person. Here's a "checklist" of things to remember when contributing to croppie.

  • Don't forget to update the documentation.
  • If you're adding a new option/event/method, try adding to an example on the documentation. Or create a new example, if you feel the need.
  • We don't have tests for Croppie :( (if you want to create tests I'd be forever grateful), so please try to test the functionality you're changing on the demo page. I've tried to add as many use-cases as I can think of on there. Compare the functionality in your branch to the one on the official page. If they all still work, then great!

If you're looking for a simple server to load the demo page, I use


uglifyjs croppie.js -c -m -r '$,require,exports' -o croppie.min.js

Releasing a new version

For the most part, you shouldn't worry about these steps unless you're the one handling the release. Please don't bump the release and don't minify/uglify in a PR. That just creates merge conflicts when merging. Those steps will be performed when the release is created.

  1. Bump version in croppie.js
  2. Minify/Uglify
  3. Commit
  4. npm version [new version]
  5. git push && git push --tags
  6. npm publish
  7. Draft a new release with new tag on
  8. Deploy to gh-pages npm run deploy