Embed videos (MP4, WEBM, OGV, FLV) into posts or pages. Uses modified version of flowplayer (with removed FP logo and copyright notice).
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FV Player

WordPress's most reliable, easy to use and feature-rich video player. Supports responsive design, HTML5, playlists, ads, stats, Vimeo and YouTube.

  • Core video engine: open source Flowplayer 6.
  • Supported video formats are MP4, WebM and OGV (read about HTML5 video formats).
  • Supported video streaming formats are HLS (Flash and JavaScript fallback available for incompatible devices), MPEG DASH and RTMP.
  • Default options for all the embedded videos can be set in comprehensive administration menu.


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GPLv3 or later

Thank you

Big thank you goes to all of our users who continue supporting our plugin and report any bugs they encounter. Thank you for being part of Foliovision!

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