I do not use this for issue tracking anymore. Please go to https://community.folivora.ai
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NOTE: BetterTouchTool is no longer using GitHub for Issue Tracking.

All bugs, feature requests or questions should be posted on the new community platform https://community.folivora.ai from now on. Existing issues will be moved in the coming days and weeks. For more information see https://folivora.ai/blog

BetterTouchTool Documentation

The BetterTouchTool documentation can be found here. Pull requests on the BetterTouchTool documentation (which is hosted on this repo) are always very welcome.

To build the BetterTouchTool Documentation follow these steps:

  • Install Node.js (I recommend to use nvm to install Node. Current long term support version of Node.js is v6.9.1).
  • Run npm install -g gitbook-cli
  • cd into the BetterTouchToolDocs directory and run node yarn-0.17.10.js install
  • run gitbook serve to build and run the documentation
  • run gitbook build to just build the documentation