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All my bash / vim / ... stuff

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Below you can find an overview of all the Vim goodness packed in the vim dotfiles.

Cheat Sheet

The default map leader \ can be changed to , in your .vimrc, by setting: let mapleader = ","


  • <Leader>t Goto File (FuzzyFinder)
  • <Leader>p Goto Function in File (FuzzyFinder)
  • <Leader>w Goto Word (EasyMotion)
  • <Leader>b Goto Buffer (FuzzyFinder)
  • <S-right> Goto Next Buffer
  • <S-left> Goto Previous Buffer
  • <Leader>r Show Tags in File (TagList)
  • <Leader>f Find in Files (Ack)


  • <C-Space> Intelligent Omni Completion
  • <C-y> Zen Coding Expand Abbreviation (ZenCoding)
  • <Leader>z Use the Zend Code Analyzer for PhP syntax checking (vim-zendcodeanalyzer)
  • <tab> Activate Snippet (UltiSnips)


  • <Leader>g Visualize Undo Tree (Gundo)
  • <Leader>y Show YankRing
  • p Paste last entry from paste buffer
  • <C-p> Cycle though older entries in paste buffer (YankRing)
  • % Find matching brackets, tags, … (Matchit)


  • <Leader>q Quit Vim
  • <Leader>x Close Current Buffer
  • <Leader>c Regenerate ctags
  • <Leader>s Execute ./sync (put whatever in there that's needed for syncing with your staging environment)


  • :FixNewLines Fixes all line endings
  • :w!! Saves the file through sudo
  • :Hammer Preview markdown and other formats in your browser (Hammer)
  • All the G… commands, too many to list here :-) (Fugitive)


  • CSApprox Make gvim-only colorschemes work transparently in terminal vim
  • Colorizer colorize hex color values in css files
  • MiniBufExpl Get a nice looking tab bar on top showing active buffers

Invisible Super Heroes

  • PhpComplete Fixes omni completion for PhP
  • Syntastic Syntax Checking for a variety of file types when saving
  • AutoTag Automagically updates your tags file
  • delimitMate Automatically add closing brackets

File Types

Color Schemes

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