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BlackEdge project

Blackedge Carrier Interfacing

Connectors are 2 rows of 25 pins each with a 1.27mm pitch, Carrier is male, Core Module is female. Carrier Drwawing

BlackEdge Carrier Pinouts

Carrier Pinouut

BlackEdge Examples


Carrier example - BlackIce Mx BlackIceMx - Core Module carrier with MixMods/Pmod interfaces BlackIce Mx BlackIce Mx

Get BlackIce Mx from Tindie

BlackIceMx Schematic

Needs to be combined with a Core module, for example IceCore

BlackIce Mx with core

Supports MixMods (in addition to Pmods)

BlackIce Mx fully loaded

Supports the BlackEdge connectivity core modules

More BlackIce Mx background on the forum


Core module example - IceCore IceCore Ice40 HX based modular developement core

Top View IceCore Module Bottom View IceCore Module


  • Ice40 HX4K - 4K Luts (8K for Yosys), 80/(128)Kbits BRAM, 2 PLLs, NVCM
  • 16Mbit SDRAM 16 bits wide (143Mhz)
  • 16Mbit Flash QSPI/SPI (100Mhz)
  • 56 General purpose IOs, SPI, Uart, I2C/Can
  • Stm32F730 200Mhz, 256KB Ram, 64KB Flash
  • Triple 2.5MSPS ADCs (interleaved to 7.2MSPS)
  • Dedicated Programming and debug USB 2.0FS
  • Uart/Application specific USB2.0FS
  • Digital video connector
  • SDCard connector
  • 4 Coloured Status LEDs
  • 4 Coloured User LEDs
  • 2 User buttons, 1 Mode/Boot buttoni

Get it from Tindie as part of BlackIce Mx

IceCore Module

IceCore Module


Core modules can be combined with different carrier boards for example BlackIce Mx

Supports the BlackEdge connectivity carriers

Some further background information can be found on the myStorm forum