Frequently asked questions

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NOTE: These apply to an older version of Fedy and may be no longer relevant.

What is Fedy?

Fedy is post-installation script for Fedora, written in bash. It lets you install multimedia codecs and additional software that Fedora doesn't want to ship, like mp3 support, Adobe Flash, Oracle Java etc., and much more with just a few clicks.

How can I run Fedy?

After installation, search for Fedy in the menu/overview or type fedy in the terminal.

How can I update Fedy to latest version?

When you install Fedy, the repo is automatically added so that you stay updated. Fedy can also notify about updates in case you have a old release.

What arguments are supported in Fedy?

For a list of supported arguments, execute fedy --help.

How to use individual features of Fedy in a script?

When a new plugin is added, the command in the plugin is automatically available to use in scripts via --exec. Multiple commands are supported.

fedy --exec <commands>

For a list of available commands, execute fedy --exec list.

How can I undo changes done by Fedy?

It's not always possible to undo the changes done. But Fedy will try to undo whatever changes can be undone. To undo changes, run,

fedy --undo <commands>

For a list of available commands, execute fedy --undo list.

With this method, simple changes are easily reverted. But sometimes reverting changes like installation of a package can cause removal of other packages those you installed later which depend upon the said package.

Fedy also keeps backups of configuration files as .bak, in case you need them.

How do I get updates for the software installed through Fedy?

Fedy adds repos wherever possible so that you will get updates.

In case the software installed via Fedy doesn't have a repo, you can uninstall the software and then install again, which will hopefully install the new version.

How can I change the default settings of Fedy?

Fedy supports use of configuration files. The global configuration file is usually /etc/fedyrc and user-specific configuration file is usually ~/.fedyrc (unless overriden in the global configuration file). The user specific configurations will be given higher priority than the global configurations. Arguments can override values in configuration files.

Configuration files can be used for changing configurations, setting value of shell variables (for example setting the proxy), or running any command before starting the GUI.

For example, to change the location for saving the downloaded files, add the following in the config file,


Why does Fedy ignore my proxy settings? How can I use proxy in Fedy?

Fedy doesn't run as normal user, and hence doesn't keep the environment variables. This can cause the proxy settings to be ignored.

To use proxy with Fedy, you'll need to setup the http_proxy and all_proxy variables in the /etc/fedyrc or ~/.fedyrc file. For example, add your proxy in the following format in the /etc/fedyrc

export http_proxy=http://server-ip:port/

export https_proxy=http://server-ip:port/

export ftp_proxy=http://server-ip:port/

export all_proxy=http://server-ip:port/

I run ***, a Fedora Remix, but Fedy doesn't run. How can I run Fedy?

Though compatibility with Fedora Remixes cannot be gurranteed as they might contain other customization, Fedy will run if you run it with --force-distro arguement.

fedy --force-distro

Are all Fedora versions supported?

Fedy will always support the latest Fedora version. It should work on older versions too, though some functions might not be supported and no support can be given for old versions of Fedora. Fedy supports both on 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

Why don't I get to know which commands are being run on my system?

Listing all commands Fedy will run packages it will install would lead to complexity and will make it difficult to maintain the script. There are not many instances where you don't get to know the packages Fedy installs. I've tried to keep the installations minimal though, you can be sure that no extra unneeded stuff is installed.

If you are worried, you can check the source of the corresponding plugin in /usr/share/fedy/plugins/.

Why doesn't Fedy have an option to install drivers?

Installing drivers is very tricky, one wrong step and you might make your system boot without any graphical environment. It might be easy to troubleshoot for experienced users, but not for new users, towards whom Fedy is aimed at. I don't want to take the risk.

Fedy screwed up my Fedora installation.

I apologize for the inconvenience. Though Fedy is not supposed to screw up your Fedora, you might install something or change some configuration through Fedy which might be responsible for breaking your system. Or it might be a bug in Fedora itself. Please be patient and think what did you do, and then try to revert it.

It would also be better to file a bug report and describe your problem, so that these types of problems can be avoided in the future.

Why the *** feature was removed from Fedy.

May be the reason is the feature is not compatible with the current version of Fedora, requires different methods for different versions of Fedora, broken with no known ways to fix it, or simply lack of manpower.

Fedy is already more feature rich than most of the post install solutions available for Fedora and while more features will make Fedy more useful, it also makes it more difficult to maintain. So I have made Fedy to be modular and extensible, so that features you want can be easily added by plugins. You may fork and maintain the removed feature as a separate plugin if you want.

I want *** feature in Fedy.

If you think Fedy is missing a useful feature, please let me know. I'll try to add the feature in next release. Even better, follow the instructions given here and write your own plugin.

Don't there other alternatives exist?

Yes, other well known alternatives include Autoten, easyLife and PostInstallerF.

Why Fedy is differences from others?

There are many differences. Fedy is the most feature rich among all, as far as I know. You can select many items and Fedy will do one by one, which was the main reason others didn't suit me. The plugins system in Fedy makes adding new features a piece of cake. Unlike others, Fedy is highly configurable and modular. Also it includes handy features like saving all the Downloads in the home directory in a folder called "fedy_dl".

Your script has many things wrong.

If it is so, then please file a bug report. I'll rectify it as soon as I can. Though I am continuously trying my best to keep the script bug free, I'm just a human like you.

How can I contribute?

Fedy is a very small project mostly everything is done by a single person. Code, design ideas, feature requests, bug reports or anything will be of great benefit. You can send pull requests to the public repository. You can also contact me on Google+.

I think you just copied those other scripts.

If you don't respect the hard work I put into Fedy, I don't give a **** about what you think.

Why the hell you made such a stupid script?

I think you better not use this stupid script.