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Goo project

Goo project is a extreme lightweight PHP object oriented framework born on the ashes of phpGolem, designed to automate some simple tasks in the PHP development process. It's designed to be reusable at a very low level, making it viable in any context with a minimal overhead.

This framework is being designed following those guidelines:
. simpleness: the framework is easy to be used (if you know php, of course)
. extensibility: the framework is completely modular from the ground up
. extreme lightness: the framework is designed to use just the resources you need, no more huge classes just to perform simple tasks

Simple example

The structure is simple: a single item called Goo Context (or, simply, Context) will load all the required factory objects (Goos).
In the following example, the Context is initialized with the DB Goo (that is taking the URI of a database). Then, the DB Goo is used to take a reference to a Table object and it's used to get an array of all the rows in the table:

  include "Goo/Goo.php";
  $context = new GooContext(array('DB' => 'mysql://user:pass@localhost/goo');
  $users = $context->DB->table("users");
  $users_array = $users->get(true);