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# TPTentClient
**Elegant handling for Cocoa Touch**
-> This project is still under early and active development.
+> As this project is under early and active development, method signatures and functionality is subject to change.
> General feedback, bug reports and feature requests appreciated.
TPTentClient allows iOS applications to communicate with []( servers using the [Tent protocol](
@@ -22,10 +22,10 @@ TPTentClient currently supports a small subset of what's possible with Tent. The
- Documentation
- Better error handling
-- Support for multiple Tent Servers on Discovery
-- Keychain support
- Access to all [Tent API]( endpoints
-- Enhanced delegate methods and notifications
+- Support Tent Server fallback during Discovery
+- Support multiple authenticated servers at once
+- Enhanced delegate methods
- Support for Mac OS X and Cocoa
If you'd like to see a different feature or have found a bug, please [open an issue]( or [fork the repo]( and submit a pull request. If you'd just like to contribute, search for "TODO:"!

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