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you can use this directly, Or you can do it yourself, just follow steps below:

Step 1, laravel5-starter

Also see here :

git clone
cd laravel5-angular-material-starter
npm install -g gulp bower
npm install
bower install
#fix database credentials in .env
php artisan migrate

Step 2, voyager

Also see here:

composer require tcg/voyager

Next make sure to create a new database and add your database credentials to your .env file:


Add the Voyager service provider to the config/app.php file in the providers array:

'providers' => [
    // Laravel Framework Service Providers...

    // Package Service Providers
    // ...

    // Application Service Providers
    // ...

Lastly, we can install voyager by running

php artisan voyager:install

extra steps:

php artisan migrate:refresh
php artisan db:seed --class=VoyagerDatabaseSeeder

run server

php artisan serve 

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